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Fredrik Widemo

Fredrik Widemo
Fredrik Widemo is Associate professor in Animal ecology, Senior lecturer & outreach specialist in wildlife-forest interactions and Co-ordinator of the environmental monitoring programme Wildlife.


My background is in evolutionary ecology. Over the last 20 years, however, I have mainly combined research with management of biodiversity and natural resources, including game. My background in research and management provides med with excellent opportunities for combining applied research, outreach activities and developing environmental monitoring programs.


2013-2019 Director of Science, Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management (SAHWM). Starting in 2013, I was in charge of research policies at SAHWM and from 2016, 50 % of my position was devoted to doing research. I mainly worked on disseminating knowledge and applying new findings to game management when not doing research, particularly in management of ecosystem services from game. My job description was an active attempt by me and the SAHWM to bridge the gap between research and management.

2013- Affiliated with Dept. of Widlife, Fish & Environmental Studies, SLU

2008-2013 Conservation Manager, SAHWM. From 2008, I was the project leader of a three year project aimed at integrating game management actions and conservation efforts amongst hunters, while increasing awareness in society of the hunters’ contributions to Sweden’s environmental goals. From 2010, I started working on co-management of ungulates and ecosystem services from forestry and agriculture.

2004-2013 Affiliated with Dept. of Population & Conservation Biology, Uppsala University

2006-2007 Principal investigator/Expert Advisor/Consultant Viltvärde
            County Administration of Gävleborg
            Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the European Union
            Nordisk Jegersamvirke, Nordic Hunter’s Cooperation
            Skotvis, The Icelandic Hunters Organization
            Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management
            Swedish Board of Agriculture
            Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
            Swedish Forest Agency
            Swedish Ornithologists Union
            Uppsala University    
            WWF Sweden
            Örebro Municipality

2005-2006 Research coordinator & Principal Investigator at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM). My main task was to evaluate the Swedish research on biodiversity as a commission from the Ministry of the Education & Research and the research council FORMAS. I was also planning for future research programs at CBM, including writing and coordinating an interdisciplinary application for funding to study multifunctional land use and ecoturism.

2004-2005 CEO at Campus Öland, a joint venture between Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Linnaeus University in Kalmar, the Regional Council in Kalmar County, Mörbylånga Municipality and Öland’s Folk High School. The aim of the project was to initiate and lead collaborations in research and teaching on multifunctional land use between the participating universities, authorities and stakeholders. Campus Öland was closely associated with the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM) and I spent half of my time working out of CBM in Uppsala during this period.

1999-2003 Assistant Professor in Animal Ecology at Uppsala University. My      position was funded through a personal grant from the research council NFR/VR. I was also awarded extra funds “Excellensmedel” for building my own research group.

1999-2002 Head of the Molecular Laboratory at the Dept. of Animal Ecology, UU

Autumn 1998 Senior Lecturer in Population Biology at Uppsala University

Summer 1996-Summer 1998 Post-doc at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. My post-doc was funded through a personal Marie Curie Fellowship from the EU.

Summer 1995-Summer 1996. Senior Lecturer in Biology at Uppsala University.

Autumn 1989-Summer 1995 Graduate student in Animal Ecology, UU.

Winter 1986-Autumn 1989 Undergraduate training in biology, Uppsala University & Stockholm University.