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Giulia Vico

Giulia Vico


Senior Lecturer
Dept. of Crop Production Ecology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
PO Box 7043, Ulls väg 16
SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden


Researcher ID: A-6296-2010; ORCID: 0000-0002-7849-2653

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Research interests

How do environmental conditions affect plants in managed and natural ecosystems? What are the risks of damage to leaves, crops and trees from lack of rainfall and wide temperature fluctuations in the summer?  And from severe winter conditions, with low temperatures, lack of snow and high irradiance? How will the risks of damage change under future climates? What can be done in managed ecosystems to reduce the potential for damage and stabilize yields?

I develop and apply eco-hydrological stochastic models - process-based, quantitative description of vegetation response to random, potentially damaging, weather conditions - to quantify such risks and the potential effects of management strategies - from species and variety selection, to implementation of irrigation or crop rotation. 



BI1295 Sustainable plant production - from molecular to field scales (master level)

Stochastic processes and dynamical system theory with applications in ecology, agronomy and biogeochemistry (Course leader; PhD level)

MV0184 Biogeofysikdelen (bachelor level)

GE7049 Ecohydrology: a Mediterranean perspective (at Stockholm University; master level)



PhD Students:

Alessio Costa (main supervisor)

Xiangyu Luan (main supervisor)

James Ajal (co-supervisor)

Eirini Lamprini Daouti (co-supervisor)

Martin Goude (co-supervisor)


Maoya Bassiouni (main supervisor)

Holger Metzler (main supervisor)

Monique Smith (co-supervisor)

Minchao Wu (co-supervisor)

Previous members of the group

Herman N.C. Berghuijs

Guiomar Ruiz-Pérez

Lucia Tamburino

Alexander Menegat

Selected publications

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Most recent publications (2019-2021)


Wu M, Vico G, Manzoni S, Cai Z, Bassiouni M, Tian F, Zhang F, Ye K, Messori G (2021), Early growing season anomalies in vegetation activity determine the large-scale climate-vegetation coupling in Europe, Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences

Luan X, Vico G (2021), Canopy temperature and heat stress are increased by compound high air temperature and water stress, and reduced by irrigation – A modeling analysis, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Berghuijs HNC, Weih M, van der Werf W, Karley AJ, Adam E, Villegas-Fernández AM, Kiær LP, Newton AC, Scherber C, Tavoletti S, Vico G (2021), Calibrating and testing APSIM for wheat-faba bean pure cultures and intercrops across Europe, Field Crop Research, 264, 108088

Vico G, Karacic A, Adler A, Richards T, Weih M (2021), Consistent poplar clone ranking based on leaf phenology and temperature along a latitudinal and climatic gradient in Northern Europe, BioEnergy Research

Marini L, St-Martin A, Vico G, Baldoni G, Berti A, Blecharczyk A, Morari F, Malecka-Jankowiak I, Sawinska Z, Bommarco R (2021), Crop rotation sustains cereal yield under a changing climate, Environmental Research Letters, 15(12), L124011

Raderschall CA, Vico G, Lundin O, Taylor A, Bommarco R (2021), Water stress and insect herbivory interactively reduce crop yield while the insect pollination benefit is conserved, Global Change Biology, 27(1), 71-83


Berghuijs HNC, Wang Z, Stomph TJ, Weih M, Van der Werf W, Vico G (2020), Identification of crop traits enhancing wheat-faba bean intercrop productivity: a crop growth model and sensitivity analyses, Plant and Soil, 455, 203-226

Manzoni S, Chakrawal A, Fischer T, Schimel JP, Porporato A, Vico G (2020), Rainfall intensification increases the contribution of rewetting pulses to soil respiration, Biogeosciences, 17, 4007–4023

Mrad A, Manzoni S, Oren R, Vico G, Lindh M, Katul G (2020), Recovering the metabolic, self-thinning and constant final yield rules in mono-specific stands, Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 3, 62

Tamburino L, Di Baldassarre G, Vico G (2020), Water management for irrigation, crop yields and social attitudes: a socio-agricultural agent-based model to explore a collective action problem, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 65(11), 1815–1829

Ruiz-Pérez G, Vico G (2020) Effects of temperature and water availability on Northern European boreal Forests, Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 3, 34

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Breinl K, Mazzoleni M, Di Baldassarre G, Lun D, Vico G (2020) Extreme dry and wet spells face changes in their duration and timing, Environmental Research Letters, 15, 074040

Vico G, Tamburino L, Rigby JR (2020) Designing on-farm irrigation ponds for high and stable yield for different climates and risk-coping attitudes, Journal of Hydrology, 584, 124634

de Oliveira G, Brunsell NA, Crews TE, DeHaan L, Vico G (2020) Carbon and water relations in perennial Kernza (Thynopyrum intermedium): an overview, Plant Science, 295, 110279


Livsey J, Kätterer T, Vico G, Lyon SW, Lindborg R, Scaini A, Manzoni S (2019) Do alternative irrigation strategies for rice cultivation decrease water footprints at the cost of long-term soil health?, Environmental Research Letters, 14(7)

Ruiz-Pérez G, Launiainen S, Vico G (2019), Role of plant traits in photosynthesis and thermal damage avoidance under warmer and drier climates in boreal forests. Forests, 10, 398

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Sutherlin CE, Brunsell NA, de Oliveira G, Crews TE, DeHaan LR, Vico G (2019), Contrasting physiological and environmental controls of evapotranspiration over Kernza perennial crop, annual crops and C4 and mixed C3/C4 grasslands, Sustainability, 11(6), 1640

Vico G, Way DA, Hurry V, Manzoni S (2019), Can leaf net CO2 assimilation acclimate to keep up with warmer and more variable temperatures?, Plant, Cell & Environment, 42(6), 1913-1928

Feng X, Ackerly D, Dawson T, Manzoni S, McLaughlin B, Skelton R, Vico G, Weitz A, Thompson S (2019), Beyond isohydricity: the role of environmental variability on plant drought responses, Plant, Cell & Environment, 42, 1104-1111

Most relevant older publications - see ResearcherID or the lab webpage for the full list

Feng X, Ackerly D, Dawson T, Manzoni S, Skelton R, Vico G, Thompson SE (2018), The ecohydrological context of drought and classification of plant responses, Ecology Letters, 21(11), 1723-1736

Vico G, Brunsell NA (2018), Tradeoffs between water requirements and yield stability in annual vs. perennial crops, Advances in Water Resources, 112, 189-202

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Marquardt K., Vico G., Eksvärd K., Glynn C., Dalin, P., Björkman C., Weih M. (2016), Farmer perspectives on introducing perennial cereal in Swedish farming systems: A sustainability analysis of plant traits, farm management, and ecological implications, Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 40(5), 432-450 

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Vico G., and A. Porporato (2008), Modelling C3 and C4 photosynthesis under-water stressed conditions, Plant and Soil, 313(1-2), 187-203


More information on selected ongoing projects can be found at on the lab webpage.

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Plant Ecology Unit
Telephone: +4618671418
Postal address:
Inst för växtproduktionsekologi, Box 7043
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls väg 16, Uppsala