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Grzegorz Mikusiński

Grzegorz Mikusinski
My research deals with different dimensions of biodiversity conservation and other environmental issues, in Sweden and worldwide.


Research interest

• Conservation and management of forest biodiversity

• Forest birds

• Environmental sustainability

• Forest fires

• Bioacoustics



Selected publications


Elbakidze, M., Dawson, L., Grodzynskyi, M., Hedblom, M., Johansson, K-E., Kruhlov, I., Mikusiński, G., Milberg, P., Schaffer, C., Yamelynets, T. 2022. Multiple factors shape the interaction of people with urban greenspace: Sweden as a case study. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 74, 127672. Link

Walesiak, M., Mikusiński, G., Borowski, Z., Żmihorski, M. 2022. Large fire initially reduces diversity of marshland birds in Poland’s largest wetland biodiversity hotspot. Biodiversity and Conservation 31: 1037-1056. Link

Mikusiński, G., Orlikowska, E.H., Bubnicki, J.W., Jonsson, B.G. & Svensson, J. 2021. Strengthening the network of high conservation value forests in boreal landscapes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8: 595730. Link

Basile, M., Asbeck, T., João M. Cordeiro Pereira, J.M.C., Mikusiński, G., Storch, I. 2021. Species co-occurrence and management intensity modulate habitat preferences of forest birds. BMC Biology 19, 210. Link

Basile, M., Storch, I., Mikusiński, G. 2021. Abundance and diversity of forest bird assemblages – the relative importance of habitat structures and landscape context. Ecological Indicators 133, 108402.    Link  

Shaw, T., Hedes, R., Sandström, A., Ruete, A., Hiron, M., Hedblom, M., Eggers, S., Mikusiński, G. 2021. Hybrid bioacoustic and ecoacoustic analyses provide new links between bird assemblages and habitat quality in a winter boreal forest. Environmental and Sustainability Indicators 11, 100141. Link

Mikusiński, G. & Niedziałkowski, K. 2020. Perceived importance of ecosystem services in Białowieża Forest for local communities – does proximity matter? Land Use Policy 97, 104667. Link

Thorn, S., Chao, A., […], Mikusiński, G., […], Leverkus, A.B. 2020. Estimating retention benchmarks for salvage logging to protect biodiversity. Nature Communications 11, 4762.

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Svensson, J., Andersson, J., Sandström, P., Mikusiński, G., Jonsson, B-G. 2019. Landscape trajectory of natural forest loss - what's left to build a functional boreal green infrastructure? Conservation Biology 33:152-163. Link

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Augustynczik, A.L.D., Asbeck, T., Basile, M., Bauhus, J., Storch, I., Mikusiński, G., Yousefpour, R., Hanewinkel, M. 2019. Diversification of forest management regimes secures tree microhabitats and bird abundance under climate change. Science of The Total Environment 650: 2717-2730. Link

Mikusiński, G., Bubnicki, J.W., Churski, M., Czeszczewik, D., Walankiewicz, W. & Kuijper, D. 2018. Is the impact of loggings in the last primeval lowland forest in Europe underestimated? The conservation issues of Białowieża Forest. Biological Conservation 227: 266-274. Link

Blicharska, M., Smithers, R.J., Kuchler, M., Agrawal, G.K., Gutiérrez, J.M., Hassanali, A., Huq, S., Koller, S.H., Marjit, S., Mshinda, H.M., Masjuki, H.H., Solomons, N.W., Van Staden, J. & Mikusiński, G. 2017. Steps to overcome the North-South divide in research relevant to climate-change policy and practice. Nature Climate Change 7: 21-27. Link



Researcher leave of absence at the School for Forest Management Researcher leave of absence at the Department of Ecology; S, Wildlife Ecology Unit
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