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Hanna Rogers

Hanna Rogers
I am working as a research assistant for LIFEPLAN, within a team lead by Tomas Roslin. The LIFEPLAN project is a collaboration between SLU, Helsinki University, and Duke University, and includes participants from all over the world.


LIFEPLAN is a large scale biodiversity project that spans the globe. The aim of this project is to collect information about the current state of biodiversity in the world and also, with the knowledge we gain, try to make accurate predictions about how biodiversity might look in the future. As a research assistant my work mainly focuses on collecting large amounts of data in the field and processing both national and global samples in the lab. The work also includes a lot of logistics to keep the project running smoothly, such as site establishment, contact with land owners, and managing massive amounts of equipment.


I have a BSc in biology with a focus on ethology and animal welfare from SLU, and a MSc in ecology and conservation from Uppsala university. I conducted part of my master thesis in South Africa where I studied microhabitat choice of wild herbivores on the savanna by using camera traps and temperature loggers. After my studies I worked on conservation and biodiversity projects in Canada where I, among other things, examined morphological traits in Black-tailed prairie dogs, and collected biodiversity data in Alberta.


Research Assistant at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Insect Ecology Unit
Telephone: +4618672542
Postal address:
Inst för ekologi, Box 7044
756 51 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala