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Helena Wall

Helena Wall


Research Interests:

Laying hens and effects of housing, management and nutrition on production performance, egg quality and bird well-being. Domestic protein sources as substitute for soy in feed for broilers and layers. 

Research Goal:

Combining good animal welfare with production performance, including high quality of produced products and a low environmental load.


Organizer of Masters courses in Poultry Production, 2007-2009 and 2013-2014. Regularly give lectures in different topics related to poultry production. Supervise students conducting their Bachelor, Master thesis and various project works on poultry topics in different courses.


On-going projects:

Title Project managers
Welfare indicators in laying hens Ragnar Tauson, Helena Wall, Lena Holm, Anette Wichman, PhD student: Malin Karlsson
Paths to a sustainable food sector  Ulf Sonesson & Katarina Lorentzon, SIK
Improved contribution of local feed to support 100% organic feed supply to pigs and poultry - ICOPP  Core Organic II project
Selectable markers for improved welfare in Swedish Laying hens Dirk Jan de Koning, Ragnar Tauson, Lotta Berg, Andreas Kindmark, Helena Wall, & Sune Larsson
Effects of Aviala-Zn on egg production, egg shell quality and external appearance in two different housing system during a prolonged laying cycle.  Helena Wall, Ragnar Tauson, Annsofie Wahlström, Christof Rapp & Dirk Jan de Koning.
Increased use of rape seed and faba beans in feed for broilers  Helena Wall, Emma Ivarsson, Lotta Jönsson, Klas Elwinger & Ragnar Tauson