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Henrik Sjöman

Henrik Sjöman
Work as a teacher and researcher within the field of plant knowledge, vegetation construction, and plant design. Responsible for several plant selection projects together with the Swedish Nursery Industry with the aim to select trees and shrubs for public as well as private greeneries. My main research direction is towards selection and diversification of urban forestry with several ongoing research projects dealing with understanding plants capacity to grow and perform well in different urban environments additionally with their capacity for delivering different ecosystem services. For more information; see publications. Works halftime at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), and remaining halftime as a Scientific Curator at Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

Selected publications


Sjöman, H. 2012. Trees for tough urban sites – learning from nature. NO. 2012:7, Faculty of Landscape planning, Horticulture and Agricultural science.



Scientific peer-reviwed publications (Selected)

Klingberg, J., Strandberg, B., Sjöman, H., Taube, M., Wallin, G., Pleijer, H. 2021.  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) accumulation in Quercus palustris and Pinus nigra in the urban landscape of Gothenburg, Sweden. Science of the Total Environment 805 150563.


Watkins, H., Hirons, A., Sjöman, H., Cameron, R., Hitchmough, J. 2021. Can Trait-Based Schemes Be Used to Select Species in Urban Forestry? Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 3: 654618. doi: 10.3389/frsc.2021.654618


Hannus, S., Hirons, A., Baxter, T., McAllister, H. A., Wiström, B., & Sjöman, H. 2021. Intraspecific drought tolerance of Betula pendula genotypes: an evaluation using leaf turgor loss in a botanical collection. Trees 35: 569–581.


Sjöman, H., Levinsson, A., Emilsson, T., Ibrahimova, A., Alizade, V., Douglas, P., Wiström, B. 2021. Evaluation of Alnus subcordata for urban environments through assessment of drought and flooding tolerance. Dendrobiology 85: 39–50.


Stevenson, P.C., Bidartondo, M.I., Blackhall-Miles, R., Cavagnaro, T.R.,  Cooper, A., Geslin, B., Koch, H., Lee, M.A., Moat, J., O’Hanlon, R., Sjöman, H., Sofo, A., Stara, K., Suz, L.M. 2020. The State of the World’s Urban Ecosystems: what can we learn from trees, fungi and bees?. Plants, People, Planet, 2(5), 482-498.


Hirons, A. D., Watkins, J. H. R., Baxter, T. J., Miesbauer, J. W., Male‐Muñoz, A., Martin, K. W., Bassuk, N. & Sjöman, H. 2020. Using botanic gardens and arboreta to help identify urban trees for the future. Plants, People, Planet 3(2): 182-193.


Sjöman, H., Watkins, H. 2020. What do we know about the origin of our urban trees?–A north European perspective. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 56, 126879.


Watkins, J.H.R., Cameron, R., Sjöman, H., Hitchmough, J.D. 2020. Using big data to improve ecotype matching for Magnolias in urban forestry. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 48: 1.12. 


Katthe et al. (2020) TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access. Global Change Biology. 


Sjöman, H., Hannus, S., Bellan, P., Barblishvili, T., Darchidze, T., Sikharulidze, S. (2019) Hunting for a larger diversity of urban trees in Western Europe – a case study from southern Caucasus. Arboriculture and Urban Forestry. 


Sjöman, H., Östberg, J. 2019. Vulnerability of ten major Nordic cities to potential tree losses caused by longhorned beetles. Urban Ecosystems


Sjöman, H., Hirons, A., Bassuk, N. 2018. Improving confidence in tree species selection for challenging urban sites: a role for leaf turgor loss. Urban Ecosystems 21(6): 1171–1188. 


Sjöman, H., Hirons, A., Bassuk, N. 2018. (2018) Magnolias as urban trees – evaluation of drought tolerance in eight magnolia species. Arboricultural Journal 40(1): 47-56. 


Schwartz Sax, M., Bassuk, N., Sjöman, H. 2018. Osmotic adjustment and gas exchange response during drought for two tree species (Quercus bicolor & Betula pendula) grown in containers with limited soil volume. Landscape Below Ground – accepted. 


Emilsson, T., Sjöman, H., Wiström, B., Levinsson, A. 2018. Characterizing the Below Ground Environment in Novel Street Tree Installations in Sweden. Landscape Below Ground – accepted.


Sjöman, H., Morgenroth, J., Deak Sjöman, J., Sæbø, A.,  Kowarik, I. 2016. Diversification of the urban forest - Can we afford to exclude exotic tree species? Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 18(1) 237-241.


Sjöman, H., Hirons, A, Bassuk, N. 2015. Urban forest resilience through tree selection – variation in drought tolerance in Acer. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 14(4): 858-865.


Deak Sjöman, J., Hirons, A., Sjöman, H. 2016. Branch area index of solitaire trees – its use for designing with regulating ecosystem services. Journal of Environmental Quality 45(1) 175-187.


Sjöman, H. 2015. The use-potential of Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata for urban plantations – based on habitat studies in the Qinling Mountains, China. Journal of Plant Development 2015. 


Sjöman, H., Hitchmough, J., Bellan, P. and Oprea, A. 2015. Herbaceous plants for climate adaptation and intensely developed urban sites in Northern Europe - a case study from the eastern Romanian Steppe. Ekológia 34(1): 39-53.


Sjöman, H., Östberg, J., Nilsson, J. 2014. Review of host trees for the two wood-boring pests Anoplophora glabripennis and Anoplophora chinensis –an urban forest perspective. Arboriculture and Urban Forestry 40(3): 143-164.


Sjöman, H., Oprea, A., Nielsen, A.B. 2012. Searching future urban trees for north-west Europe through dendroecological studies – a case study of Quercus frainetto, in north-east Romania. Arboricultural Journal 34(4): 190-202.


Sjöman H., Nielsen A.B., Oprea A. 2012. Trees for urban environment in northern parts of Central Europé – a dendroecological study in north-east Romania and Republic of Moldavia. Urban Ecosystem 15(1); 267-281


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Sjöman H., Östberg J., Bühler O. 2012. Diversity and distribution of the urban tree population in ten major Nordic cities. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 11; 31-39


Sjöman H., Busse Nielsen A., Pauleit S., Olsson M. 2010. Habitat studies iIdentifying potential Trees for Urban Paved Environments: A case study from Qinling Mt., China. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 36 (6) 261-271.


Sjöman H., Busse Nielsen A. 2010. Selecting trees for urban paved sites in Scandinavia – A review of information on stress tolerance and its relation to the requirements of tree planners. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 9 (4); 273-342


Sjöman H., Oprea A. 2010. Potential of Tilia tomentosa Moench, for use in urban environments in north-west Europe, based on habitat studies in north-east Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Ekológia 29 (4) 360-372


Sjöman H. 2010. Trees adapted for urban paved sites - ongoing research concerning selection of site-adapted species use, learning from nature. Geoscape 5; 167-172


Sjöman, H., Richnau, G., 2009. North-east Romania as a future source of trees for urban paved environments in north-west Europe. Journal of Plant Development 16: 37-46



Popular scientific articles – Swedish (selected)

Sjöman, H., Hirons, A., Bassuk, N., Levinsson, A. 2020. Evaluation of drought tolerant trees. In Swedish. Movium Fakta nr. 1, (12 pp). 


Sjöman, H., Slagstedt, J. 2011 – 2021. Promising Urban Trees - a series where promising urban trees are presented. Landscape Journal – 8 articles per year. 


Sjöman, H., Slagstedt, J., Bellan, P. 2018. Solitary shrubs for public plantations (Solitärbuskar för offentliga miljöer). In Swedish. Movium Fakta nr. 9, 2018 (12 pp).


Sjöman, H., Slagstedt, J. 2018. Clethra – a genera with qualities for parke and gardens. In Swedish (Clethra – ett släkte med fina kvaliteter för såväl park som trädgård). Swedish Dendrology Society; Lustgården, Pp 77-84.


Sjöman, H., Slagstedt, J., Bellan, P. 2017. Ground covering shrubs for public plantations (Marktäckande buskar för offentliga miljöer). In Swedish. Movium Fakta nr. 6, 2017 (12 pp).


Sjöman, H., Deak Sjöman, J. 2017. Native of exotic trees in urban environmens. In Swedish. Landscape Journal, 4 pp.


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Sjöman H. 2011. Yellow birch – a golden star from eastern USA. In Swedish. (Växtkännarens val: Guldbjörken - en gyllene pärla från östra USA) Landskap, 36-37

Sjöman H., Ejder E., Lorentzon K., Öxell C., Carlström M., Svensson H. 2011. City-trees for the future – Magnolia. In Swedish (Stadsträd för framtiden - Magnolia) Movium Fakta

Sjöman, H. 2010. New plants and strategies for public greeneries. Viola, 27-29, 2010. In Swedish (Nya växter och strategier för offentlig grönmiljö.)


Sjöman, H. 2010. The dendroflora of Crimea. Lustgården – publication for Swedish 

Dendrology Society, 6p. In Swedish (Krimbergens dendroflora), pp 79-88


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Sjöman, H. 2008. Green environments for a future climate – references from China. 

Stadsbyggnad 2, 2008. pp. 16-18. In Swedish (Grön stadsbyggnad för ett framtida 

klimat – referenser från Kina)


Sjöman, H. 2008. Planting large trees – examples from China. Utemiljö Nr. 2 June 2008 pp. 12-14. In Swedish (Etablering av stora träd – exempel från Kina)


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Sjöman, H. 2003. Dwarf Conifers – the new trend. Natur och Trädgård nr 4 (6 pp). In Swedish (Dvärgbarr – den nya trenden)


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Popular scientific articles – International (Selected)

Douglas, P., Sjöman, H. 2021. Into the Valley of Parrotia. Arnoldia (August), Harvard University.


Sjöman, H., Hitchmough, J. 2020. Taking the next steppe. Plant Review (March Issue) RHS.


Hirons, A., Sjöman, H. 2019. Tree traits for cityscapes. Plant Review (September Issue) RHS. 


Sjöman, H., Hirons, A. 2017 – 2022. The Plantsman´s Choice – a series where promising urban trees are presented. Arbor News – Arboriculture Association, UK. – 4 publications per year. 


Hirons, A., Sjöman, H. 2018. Evidence based tree species selection guide. TDAG UK - 


Hirons, A., Sjöman, H. 2018.Species selection for paved environments. City Trees July/August 2018. 


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Books and book chapters

Sjöman, H. 2017. Trädens betydelse för staden (The Importance of Trees in Urban Environments. In Swedish. Samfundet S:t Eriks Yearbook 2017 “Parkstaden – Stockholms Landskap och stadens Rum. 10 pp.


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Sjöman H. 2010. A garden in a heath forest. In Swedish (Trädgård i mager lövskog). In: Wallin, T., Sol eller Skugga - Trädgårdsplanering på växternas villkor. In Swedish. pp 90-103. Nordsteds, Stockholm. 


Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management
Telephone: +4640415150
Postal address:
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Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp, Alnarp