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Holger Metzler

Holger Metzler
I am a mathematician with background in dynamical systems and probability theory. I like to apply mathematical and information theory to the carbon and nutrient cycle on all scales. Furthermore, I model boreal forest management with respect to carbon retention times and forest productivity.


Postdoc at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management

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I am a postdoc under the supervision of Oskar Franklin and Torgny Näsholm. My background is in mathematics, more specifically in the link between dynamical systems and probability theory and their applications to theoretical ecology. So I am generally interested in transit times of C through ecosystems on all scales, and the age of carbon in different ecological compartments. Recently, I got intrigued by applying information theoretical concepts to ecological modelling. 

Previously, I worked on modelling boreal forest responses to climate changes and evaluating management approaches for better climate adaptation as part of the FORMAS project “Innovative modelling approaches for the identification of boreal forest management strategies under a changing climate”, in collaboration with the Natural Resources Institute (LUKE) in Finland.

Now I try to extend this model to include a nitrogen and water cycle component in the photosynthesis submodule as part of the Future for Silviculture project.



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As a mathematician by training I focus on the links between dynamical systems and probability theory. My particular interest is on transit times and model complexity based on information theoretical concepts in mass balanced natural systems.


Non employee at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Department of Forest Ecology and Management, joint staff
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