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Iris Dahlin

Iris Dahlin
Agronomy doctor with the goal of developing sustainable cropping systems, where diversification plays the key role and where cooperation with farmers is included as an important piece of the puzzle so that the research will be applied.


Since- May 2022, I coordinate a project where researchers at SLU together with organic farmers develop cultivation systems with soybeans and lupine in Sweden (PADILSO). The project uses a new approach, in that participating farmers grow soybean or lupine in own experiments on their farms. The intention is to summarize the experiences in a cultivation guide that can make it easier for farmers to grow these crops in Sweden.

Previously, I have studied plant communication in cultivar mixtures and how both plants and insects react to this chemical interaction. The studies show that you can reduce attacks by pests and increase the yield when you grow two varieties of barley on a field instead of a single variety. If appropriate combinations of cultivars are used, intercropping can reduce the need for both chemical pesticides and fertilizers, making an important contribution to agricultural sustainability. 

Volatile mediated plant-plant communication in cultivar mixtures

Selected publications

Östman, Sundblad, Ljungberg, Levin, Blass, Kaljuste, Dahlin, Svensson & Olsson (submitted) Catches, bycatches and sustainability indicators of fisheries targeting cyprinids along the Swedish Baltic Sea coast. Fisheries Research

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Ninkovic, Rensing, Dahlin & Markovic (2019) Who is my neighbor? Volatile cues in plant interactions. Plant Signaling & Behavior 14: 1634993.

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Dahlin, Levin, Olsson & Östman (2021) Fishing cyprinids for food. Evaluation of ecosystem effects and contaminants in cyprinid fish. Aqua reports 2021:20.

Dahlin, Wennerström, Laikre, Ståhl & Bergström (2021) Kartläggning och förändringar av strömmingens lekområden och bestånd längs den svenska ostkusten. Yrkesfiskarnas observationer, synpunkter och genanalyser av provfisken. Aqua reports (in preparation).


Research Engineer at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Ogräsekologi
Telephone: +46703819858
Postal address:
Inst för växtproduktionsekologi, Box 7043
Visiting address: Ulls väg 16, Uppsala