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Jean W.H Yong

Jean Yong
A physiologist and biochemist by training, I received my Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees from the Australian National University (2001) and the National University of Singapore (1996), respectively.


As a well-travelled and curiosity-driven researcher, I have a fairly wide research interest in biological, environmental sciences and circular bioeconomy related research. Due to my past consultancies and association with biotechnology companies (public listed and private), institutions and governmental laboratories, I am able to operate successfully among the triple realms of academia, public and the commercial sectors. Over the last 25 years, I have developed useful linkages and extensive person-person networking internationally (Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia). In Sweden and around Europe, I found new research partners to develop relevant, productive and dynamic collaboration.


I support my colleagues by contributing to the following courses:


  • BI1123                Hydroponic Systems
  • BI1192                Sustainable Production Systems in a Global Perspective
  • BI1143                Odlingssystem i trädgårdsföretag (Cultivation systems in horticultural companies)
  • BI1261                Växtskydd och mikrobiologi (Plant protection and microbiology)
  • BI1308                Horticultural Production Physiology
  • BI1309                Horticultural Systems and Future Challenges
  • BI1336                Ekologi och statistik (Ecology and Statistics)
  • BI1365                Växtfysiologi (Plant Physiology)



  • Sustainable Horticulture and Agriculture
  • Plant Production (including micropropagation)
  • Soil-Microbe-Plant Interactions in relation to Soil Health and Natural Soil Fertility
  • Green Designs


  • Photosynthesis (gas exchange and stable isotopes)
  • Phytohormones, Biostimulants
  • Natural Products (coconut water, banana, Stevia)
  • Organics (composts, earthworm vermicompost, fish wastes, biodigestates, seaweeds, microbial broths)
  • Orchids and other tropical plants (pineapples, mangroves, dipterocarps)

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Commercial partners



  • 2020 Sep, Group Leader, Horticultural Production Physiology, BT, SLU Alnarp, Sweden.
  • 2018 Oct, Professor of Horticulture, Dept of Biosystems and Technology, SLU Alnarp, Sweden.
  • 2016 Dec, Associate Professor (Visiting), Australian Research Council (ARC), Centre for Mine Site Restoration (CMSR), Curtin University, Perth, Australia.
  • 2016-18, Senior Research Fellow, Sch. of Biol. Sciences, Uni of Western Aust (UWA), Perth, Australia.
  • 2011-12, Associate Professor (Visiting), Civil & Environ. Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
  • 2010-16, Associate Professor, Science & Maths, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).
  • 2007-10, Research Associate, Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU, Singapore.
  • 2005-09, Director (Independent, Research & Development), Guangzhao Industrial Forest Biotechnology Ltd, Public Listed Biotechnology Company, China and Singapore.
  • 2003-04, Fulbright Fellow, Watson Institute of International Studies, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA.
  • 2002-10, Assistant Professor, Natural Science, National Institute of Education, NTU, Singapore.
  • 2001-02, Senior Teaching Fellow, Natural Science, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.
  • 2000-01, Post Doctoral Fellow, Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU, Canberra, Australia.
  • 1996-00, Ph.D. student, Research School of Biol. Sciences, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra.
  • 1994-95, M.Sc. student, Orchid Physiology Lab, School of Biological Sciences, NUS, Singapore.
  • 1994-96, Research Assistant, Plant Ecology Lab, Dept. of Botany, Natl. Uni. of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

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