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Jenny Yngvesson

Jenny Yngvesson


My name is Jenny Yngvesson. I have a background in Zoology and Ethology from Linköping and Lund Universities. My masterproject took me to SLU Skara as Ethology was the part of Zoology that interested me the most. This raised my interest in Farm Animal Behaviour and thereby also an interest in Animal Protection and Welfare. Since then I have worked with research on farm animals in Sweden,  Tanzania, Mexico and the USA. Apart from that I have worked practically at a slaughterplant and as a milker on dairy farms. My PhD was focused on cannibalism in laying hens. After my dissertation I worked with Animal Welfare Legislation at the central Competent Authority Board, but eventually I came back to SLU to work with teaching and research. The work with students is inspiring and fun and I am driven by developing my teaching pedagogically!


The research I focus on right now is:

  • Welfare in laying hens
  • Slow growing broilers behaviour and welfare
  • Play behaviour and anticipation in lamb
  • Welfare and animal welfare audits in race horses
  • Welfare and behavior in ridden horse

Research projects that I am involved in:

Publications list: