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Johanna Wallsten

Johanna Wallsten
My research subjects are both animal and crop science, with a focus on forages in dairy production. My position also includes several administrative tasks, e.g. with larger applications.


I'm currently working 85% for the department of Agricultural Reasearch for Northern Sweden (NJV) and 15% as a coordinator for the environmetal ISO 14001 certificate at the Forest faculty, SLU. Since the 1st of March 2018 I have a 50% task within NJV as manager for SITES Röbäcksdalen.

I have a lot of experience in various administrative tasks. Have been administrative coordinator for a large FP7 application with 8 countries and 35 research organizations and enterprises, and have been responsible for the homepage and postgraduate education at both NJV and at the department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology (SBT). As a graduate student, I was a member of the faculty board and was vice chairman of the PhD Council Board. Current administrative assignments at NJV:

  • Deputy head of department
  • Manager SITES Röbäcksdalen
  • Director of postgraduate studies
  • One of two administrators of the webpage
  • Environmental (ISO14001) representative
  • Representative for NJV and the VH faculty in the infrastructure council at SLU Umeå
  • Representative in the agricultural council at SLU


I've been course leader for our distance course in forage production for 2 years. I have held a number of lectures for a very diverse audience, e.g. students, researchers, advisors, secondary school teachers and farmers. Apart from teaching on our forage course I am also responsible for a section on whole crop and maize forages, and one on forage for beef cattle at a course under the Agricultural and Rural Management study program at SLU.


My main area of research is forage for ruminants (especially cows) with a special focus on whole crop silage of cereals and legumes. Have experience in a variety of analytical methods, eg NDF, gas vitro, EFOS (enzymatic digestibility), VOS, in situ, etc. During my post-doc in the US, I worked with fiber quality on a chemical level and analysed feed and faeces for the content of cell walls, NDF, lignin, pCA and ferulates , carbohydrate composition, etc. I have also done research into bioenergy crops, both from the forest (stumps, loggin residues, young stands, etc.) and from the field (reed canary grass). My role in SITEs is also expanding my research area into ecosystem research, especially biodiversity and water quality.


Received my masters in animal science in 2003 at SLU and my PhD in animal science in September 2008 at NJV. I did a post doc at the US Dairy Forage Research Center in Madison, Wisconsin during 2010-2012, where I collaborated with Ron Hatfield, Dave Mertens and Pekka Huhtanen. After returning to Sweden, I worked at SBT two years at  with administrative tasks and with a large bioenergy project. I am back at NJV as a researcher since 2015.


Researcher at the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden; Crop Production Unit
Telephone: +46907868716
Postal address:
Inst för NJV, avd för växtodling,
90183 UMEÅ
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå

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