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Johannes Forkman

Johannes Forkman
I am a senior lecturer in statistics at SLU Fältforsk, working with statistical issues related to agricultural field research.


My position belongs to the Field Research Unit (SLU Fältforsk), which is a contact unit between SLU and external organizations. My office is at the Department of Crop Production Ecology. This gives me daily contact with researchers and graduate students at the department, but I also have a great deal of contact with researchers at other departments at SLU and with external organisations, for example the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies. I give consultations, as long as the questions are about statistical methods for agricultural field experiments.

Many basic statistical methods, such as the analysis of variance, were originally developed for agricultural experiments. Although statistics for field experiments is a traditional area of statistics, new methods are developed constantly, and the subject is huge. It is part of my work to follow method development and to disseminate the new knowledge among researchers that carry out field experiments. I also conduct own research on statistics within this area.

I give the PhD course Statistics II: Analysis of Experiments using mixed-effects models. About once a year I give a short course in basic statistics, intended for people who work with agricultural field experiments.

Results from Swedish field experiments: crop variety evaluation trials, crop protection experiments, soil tillage experiments etc., are stored in a database. The Field Research Unit cooperates with Denmark and Norway concerning a common Scandinavian database: the Nordic Field Trial System (NFTS). This database provides statistical results. I am involved in the development of this database.

I am Director of Studies for Research Education at the Department of Crop Production Ecology and thus also Assistant Head of Department.


I have given the following courses:

  • Statistics II: Experimental Design and ANOVA (4 hp) 2016-2022. PhD course. SLU.
  • Grundläggande matematik och statistik för biologer (Basic mathematics and statistics for biologists), ST0059 (7,5 hp). 2018. Graduate level. SLU. I gave this course together with Linnéa Kjeldgård.
  • Grundläggande statistik för biologer (Basic statistics for biologists), MS0052 (5 hp). 2016. Graduate level. SLU. I gave this course together with Prof. Dietrich von Rosen.
  • Linear mixed models and experimental design (3 hp). 2014. PhD course. SLU.
  • Statistical methods in agricultural field research (5 hp). 2011. PhD course. SLU.
  • Experimental design (7,5 hp). 2010. Advanced level. Stockholm University.
  • Experimentplanering (7,5 hp). 2010. Graduate level. Stockholms universitet.


I did my PhD on experimental design in non-linear regression and inference for the coefficient of variation. Nowadays, I do research on statistics for agricultural field experiments. I am especially interested in design and analysis of experiments, and linear mixed-effects models. As a consultant and supervisor, I am much involved in research on plant and soil science.


I studied statistics at Lund University and mathematics at Uppsala University. For twelve years I was employed as a statistician at the present Thermo Fisher Scientific in Uppsala. For shorter periods, I worked at Statisticon AB as consultant in statistics, and at Stockholm University as senior lecturer in statistics. I got my PhD in biometry with specialization in statistics/mathematical statistics at the Department of Energy and Technology, SLU. Since 2011, I am a senior lecturer in statistics, and since 2014, I am docent in biometry.


I have been the main supervisor for two PhD students in biometry, as well as assistant supervisor for three PhD students in crop science and one PhD student in biology.

Selected publications

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    European Grassland Federation.
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Senior Lecturer at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Fältforsk field research unit
Telephone: +4618671410
Postal address:
Inst för växtproduktionsekologi, Box 7043
Visiting address: Ulls väg 16, Uppsala