CV page

John Bosco Muhumuza

I am a PhD student on a sandwich program between Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Makerere University, Uganda. My research interest is on biodiversity conservation in agroecosytems, Agroecological intensification (AEI), Agricultural food systems and food safety as well as climate change


My PhD research focus is on Agroecological intensification of maize based farming systems through functional habitat diversification based management of most damaging arthropod maize pests in Uganda. Currently, invasive fall armyworm and pestiferous termites are a great threat to sustainable maize productivity  in the country and could result into severe hunger, food and income insecurity especially among small-holder farmers.  I will study the role of vegetative heterogeneity in the management of these two damaging maize pests in Ugandan fields for improved maize productivity. A predictive theory on how to optimize habitat based management approaches for  effective control of invasive fall armyworm and termite pests in maize based farming system will be developed.


I hold MSc.Crop Science and BSc.Agriculture (Hons) degree of Makerere University, Kampala , Uganda. I am a Crop Entomologist under the National Agricultural Research Organisation, Uganda based at SouthWestern Agrocological Zone (SWAEZ) office (MBAZARDI) where i am mainly charged with the responsibility to undertake applied and adaptive agricultural research  for sustainable productivity through effective crop pests management and exploitation of beneficial organisms in SWAEZ.


My PhD research project is being conducted under the supervison of Assoc.Prof Mattias Jonsson at SLU together with Assoc.Prof Jeninah Karungi, Prof.Samuel Kyamanywa and Assoc.Prof. Herbert Talwana, all based at the School of Agricultural Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.

Selected publications

Muhumuza, J. B., Muyanja, C., & Muzira, R. (2017). Inventory of farmers indigenous innovations for primary processing and storage of selected food legumes in Uganda: Implications to food safety and storage bruchids management. Journal of Stored Products and Postharvest Research, 8(8), 85-92.

Muhumuza, J. B., Olatunde, A. K., Okello, J., Kyomugisha, M., & Adebayo, K. (2016). Indigenous knowledge on diversity and conservation of two cocoyam genera (colocasia and xanthosoma) in Uganda. Scientia, 13(3), 126-129.

Nabasumba, D., Kankwatsa, P., Okello, J., Muzira, R., & Muhumuza, J. B. (2013). Adaptation potential of improved mango varieties in the dry lands of south western Uganda.11th African Crop Science Proceedings, Sowing innovations for sustainable food and nutrition security in Africa. Entebbe, Uganda, 14-17 October, 2013, 145-147.

Muhumuza, J. B., & Okori, P. (2013). Development of a highly efficient in vitro culture system for Ugandan adapted sorghum genotypes. Int. Res. J. Plant Crop Sci, 1(1), 1-11.

Okori, P., Kigozi, J., BomBom, A., Musimenta, H., Muhumuza, J. B., Bagada, R., ... & Edema, R. (2012). Sorghum breeding for improved productivity, nutrition and industrial use. In RUFORUM Third Biennial Conference, Entebbe, Uganda, 24-28 September 2012. RUFORUM.