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Jon Petter Gustafsson

Jon-Petter Gustafsson
Professor (Chair) in Soil Chemistry. Vice-dean for undergraduate and graduate education, NJ Faculty.


Soil is a fascinating medium. For example, it provides plants with water, it acts at the foundation support for most man-made structures, and it is the habitat for many organisms. Moreover, it acts as both a sink and a source for a large number of chemical constituents, some of which are nutrients and other contaminants. Moreover its properties (for example pH and fertility) are quite different depending on where you are.   

In the Soil Chemistry group we try to understand the chemical processes at the solid-liquid interface in soils, and how these processes determine the mobility and bioavailability of phosphorus, trace metals and organic compounds. The tools we use include geochemical modelling (Visual MINTEQ, HD-MINTEQ) and synchrotron-based characterisation techniques (XAFS, SXRF).


I am the examiner and one of the teachers on:

Environmental Geochemistry, MV0218

Further, I also teach on:

Förorenad mark - riskbedömning och åtgärder, TE0020

Soil biology and biogeochemical cycles, BI1322


Current research interests include:

- Sorption mechanisms of metal(loid)s and perfluoroalkyl substances in soils

- Development of geochemical models (e.g. Visual MINTEQ)

- Phosphorus in soils - improving our understanding of phosphorus geochemistry to improve fertilizer recommendations and prevent eutrophication

- Evaluation of methods to retain and recycle phosphorus from on-site wastewater treatment systems

- Development of dynamic models to predict effects of forest management and acidification recovery


Professor in Soil Chemistry, SLU, 2013

Professor in Soil and Groundwater Chemistry, KTH, 2009

Associate Professor in Soil and Groundwater Chemistry, KTH, 2002

PhD, Groundwater Chemistry, KTH, 1995

Postdoctoral stays at the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute (now James Hutton Institute), Aberdeen, UK, 1995 and at University of Toledo, OH, US, 2005


Currently I am the main supervisor of the following PhD students:

  • Tove Florén, SLU. Imogolite-type nanoparticles in the environment.
  • Ylva Bellander, SLU. Towards better risk assessment of cadmium in agricultural soil.

Selected publications

Uddh Söderberg, T., Augustsson, A., Kleja, D.B., Jarsjö, J., Fröberg, M., Åström, M., Gustafsson, J.P. 2024. Challenges in geochemical modelling of metal(loid) solubility and binding mechanisms along a soil profile at a multi-contaminated site. Applied Geochemistry 170, 106063. Open access. 

Tuyishime, J.R.M., Florén, T., Rivard, C., Gustafsson, J.P. 2024. Microscale heterogeneity of phosphorus species associated with secondary mineral phases in the B horizons of two boreal Podzols. Chemical Geology 655, 122083. Open access.

Gustafsson, J.P., Affholder, M.-C., Dahlin, A.S. 2024. Cadmium accumulation in soil resulting from application of biogas digestate and wood ash – Mass balance modelling. Applied Geochemistry 165, 105951. Open access.

Hällström, L.P.B., Gustafsson, J.P. 2024. The source, mobility and fate of bismuth (Bi) in legacy mine waste, Yxsjöberg, Sweden. Minerals 14, 122. Open access.

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