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Josefina Zidar

Josefina Zidar
Josefina Zidar is a doctor in ethology and her research focuses on early experiences and their effects on animal welfare later in life. She is primarily interested in how positive experiences can contribute to positive welfare. She is also interested in fundamental questions about animal personality, emotions and cognition.


Josefina Zidar has a PhD in ethology from Linköping University where she studied personality and cognition in red junglefowl. She has previous experience from work with animal welfare issues as an administrator at the Swedish 3R's Centre and the Swedish Center for Animal Welfare. She is a researcher in animal welfare at the department of applied animal science and welfare at SLU.


Josefina is project manager for the PosHen project that focuses on improving the rearing environment for laying hens. You can read more about the project here:

PosHen project


Selected publications

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