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Karin Hakelius

Karin Hakelius
Karin works as Assistant professor in management with a special interest in the role as leader in cooperative organizations, and how these can be structured and managed in order to benefit members.


Karin got her agronomy degree in the spring of 1990 and started her PhD-project later that year. The thesis' focus was on Swedish farmers attitudes and values concerning being member, trading with and taking part in the democratic process of farmer cooperatives.

After defending her PhD-thesis in 1996, Karin acted as Dean of Studies 1997-1999, followed by acting as Head of department for the Department of Economics 1999-2008. During the period September 2010 through August 2011, as well as part of 2014-2015, she acted as a deputy on the Dean of Studies-position on a 50% basis.


Over the years, Karin has participated and been responsible for a number of courses, for example in basic business administration, bookeeping, and so-called environmental management (how leaders may include environmental aspects in their work). Presently, Karin mainly will teach in the course on strategic management, and the course on agri food systems with a special focus on the cooperative organizations. In addition, she will take over the responsibilty of the basic course on bookkeeping and calculation, following several years being responsible for the department’s theses-courses, and examiner for all bachelor and master theses in business administration.


Karin’s research focus lies within the field leadership and organizational theory, with a special emphasis on the farmer cooperative firms. Recently, Karin completad a two-year project called “Building Better Boards: Determinants of Cooperative Performance as a Function of Board Characteristics”. The project was financed by the Swedish Farmers’ Foundation for Agricultural Research (SLF).

Presently, Karin is working with a new two-year project, financed by the "Stiftelsen Olle Hakelius stipendiefond", called "Renewal of the cooperatives". This project focuses both the possibilities that the members have following what happens in large cooperatives, and the role of the directors, i.e., making decisions in the interest of the members. The cooperatives included in the project are Arla Foods, Lantmännen, and Södra skogsägarna.

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Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics; Innovation and Bioeconomy
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