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Karolina Jörgensen

Karolina Jörgensen
I am a soil ecologist interested in how soil organisms, mainly fungi, interact with their environment and influence soil processes such as nutrient cycling.


During my PhD studies, my research focused on boreal forests and the role of fungi in soil nutrient cycling. Specifically I investigated how their communities and activities were affected by variations in the environment and to anthropogenically induced increases in nitrogen availablilty. To answer my research questions, I used DNA-based metabarcoding combined with measurements of enzyme activities, biomass, and carbon and nutrient stocks.

I am interested in fungal and microbially mediated processes in the rhizosphere, and in my current position as a postdoctoral researcher in the Soil Nutrient Cyling group, I will switch my research focus to studying effects of diversified agricultural cropping systems in the soil. 


  • 2021: PhD in Soil Science with a specialization in Soil Biology, SLU, Sweden
  • 2016: MSc in Biology and degree in plant/soil agronomy, SLU, Sweden
  • 2013: BSc in Biology, SLU, Sweden 


Postdoctor at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil nutrient cycling
Telephone: +4618671429, +46761496309

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