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Kjell Holtenius

Kjell Holtenius


Research Interests:

Ruminant physiology, especially metabolism of the high yielding dairy cow 

Research Goal:

Gain understanding of how environmentally sustainable dietary and management systems can be utilized to improve performance and welfare of dairy cattle

Research Skills:

Design and interpretation of cattle experiments

Activity in the scientific society:

  • Editor: The Bioscience Journal Animal
  • Assistent Editor /Editorial Adviser: BMC Veterinary Research
  • Member of the editorial board: Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica


Course leader, examiner and lecturer in several undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Regularly engaged as teacher in continuing educations for veterinarians.


On-going projects:

Title Project managers
Shortened dry period: influence on milk yield, health, and fertility and on the composition and quality of the milk Kjell Holtenius, Kasper Hettinga, Toon van Hooijdonk, Helena Lindmark-Månsson, Monica Johansson, Renée Båge, Lisa Andrée & Ruben de Vries 
Development of dairy production systems based on forages and agricultural by-products Kjell Holtenius, Rolf Spörndly, Bodil Frankow Lindberg, Pekka Huhtanen & Maria Berglund
Milk production on forage and cereals only - an organic model possibly also cost-effective, but do all cows fit? Rolf Spörndly, Kjell Holtenius, Torsten Eriksson & Eva Spörndly 
Evaluation of groundnut foliage on growth respond of Cambodian cattle  Kjell Holtenius, Mikaela Patel, Keo Sath & Pok Samkol
Studies of how the plasmin activity in milk is affected by dry period length and milking frequency  Åse Lundh, Monika Johansson, Kerstin Svennersten Sjaunja &Kjell Holtenius
Antibody quality of colostrum in dairy cows and uptake of colostral antibodies in dairy calves: importance for health and production, and potential for genetic selection  Stefan Alenius, Jonas Wensman, Dirk Jan De Koning, Medeleine Tråvén, Mårten Hetta, Ulf Emanuelson & Kjell Holtenius


Non employee at the Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare; Nutrition, Ruminants
Telephone: +4618671629
Postal address:
Box 7024
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala