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Lara Tickle

Lara Tickle
Lara Tickle is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the division of Landscape Architecture, department for Rural and Urban Development. She researches multifunctional urban landscapes, focusing on urban biodiversity and sustainable city planning. Her experience in empirical and theoretical research concern human-wildlife relations and wildlife management, environmental ethics, natural resource management, and biodiversity.


She is currently working with urban biodiversity issues, looking at urban greenspaces and the management of urban woodlands. Her previous work is centred on modern processes that affect human relations to nature and wildlife where hunting has been the focus of her research as a platform for human-wildlife interactions. She is experienced in government policy through her work at several national agencies and has a background in physical and human Geography.  


Lecturer at the LK0392 landscape architecture course: "Gestaltning genom förvaltning" (2023 - )

Lecturer for the LU0091 master course: “The process of research: Qualitative methods, data analysis and academic writing” 2019-2021.

Teaching training courses

Teaching in Higher Education, basic course (SLU, January - March, 2021)

Course in Grading and Assessment (SLU, September 2020)

Academic work and contributing positions:

LAG higher seminars organiser (2023 - )

PhD and Division Representative at SOL Department Research Board (2020-2022) and contributed to the critera for the PhD thesis process. 

Creator and in charge of Environmental Communication's ResearchGate page (2019 - 2021)

Participated in UIC (Uppsala Innovation Center) Startup and awarded Vinnova verifying grant from SLU holding 2022.

Representative and board member at the Uppsala County Wildlife Delegation from 2017 - 2019. 


The BOAR project, Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC), Swedish Hunting Association, National Hunters' Association, The European Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation, International Environmental Communication Association (IECA), MISTRA.


PhD in Environmental Communication from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2018 - 23 March 2023)

MSc in Environmental Communication and Management from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2012 - 2014)

BA in Geography from King's College London (2007 - 2010)

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed articles: 

Vajas, P., E., von Essen, L., Tickle, and M., Gamelon. ‘Meeting the Challenges of Wild Boar Hunting in a Modern Society: The Case of France’. Ambio 52, no. 8 (1 August 2023): 1359–72.

Tickle, L., E. von Essen, and A. Fischer. ‘Expanding Arenas for Learning Hunting Ethics, Their Grammars and Dilemmas: An Examination of Young Hunters’ Enculturation into Modern Hunting’. Sociologia Ruralis 62, no. 3 (2022): 632–50.

Essen, Erica von, Michael Allen, and Lara Tickle. ‘Game of Drones: On the Moral Significance of Deception in Modern Sport Hunting’. The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence 4, no. 2 (29 September 2020): 137–57.

Tickle, L., and E. von Essen (2020). “The Seven Sins of Hunting Tourism.” Annals of Tourism Research 84: 102996.

von Essen, E. and L. Tickle (2019). "Leisure or Labour: An Identity Crisis for Modern Hunting?" Sociol. Rural. 0. Tickle, L.N., 2019. The Practice of

Tickle, L. (2019). "Hunting as a Way to Transcend Alienation from Nature." J. Transdiscipl. Environ. Stud. 17, 22–34.

Book Chapters: 

Kline, Carol, Erica von Essen, Johan Lindsjö, Adélaïde Fouache, Lara Tickle, Kate Dashper, Erika Cederholm, et al. ‘14 Working Animal Research: An Agenda for the Future’, 243–52, 2021.

Doctoral thesis:

Tickle, Lara. ‘Past Echoes and Modern Pressures : On the Changing Ethics of Modern Hunting in Sweden’. Doctoral thesis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2023. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae.

Popular media: 

Dagens Nyheter: "Kvinnor var inte bara samlare - de jagade som männen". 30 June 2023.

Radio France Internationale (RFI): "Accents d'Europe - Chasser l'élan en Suède". 2 December 2022.

Svensk Jakt: "Jaktturismens sju dödsynder" (Print only). October 2022.

Jaktjournalen: "Stor klädaktör nobbade jägare". 1 December 2021.

Sveriges Vildnad: "Den Svenska Jägarens Jaktetik". 2nd December 2020.

Jakt & Jägare: "Frutimmer i Skogen, Jägarinna på Instagram" (Print only). January 2020.

Sveriges Radio: "Sju synder inom viltturism". 30th August 2019.

Jaktjournalen: "Du ska våldtas och dödas!" - Jägartjejer vittnar om grova kräkningar. 29 Mars 2019.

Conferences and Symposiums:

Pathways Europe 2022: Human Dimensions of Wildlife Conference. Organised and led session on "The ethical dimensions of sharing landscapes" together with Dr. Nicolaj Bichel. Presented "Fresh meat: female hunters and the motivation to hunt for ethical meat" at the same panel. October 2022.

Nordic Wildlife Conference, Uppsala. Presented “Fresh meat: female hunters and the motivation to hunt for ethical meat.” September 2022. 

Naturvårdsverket: Viltkonferensen 2022. Online. Presented "Åt vilket håll utvecklas jakt(etik)en?" (in Swedish). January 2021.

Naturvårdsverket Viltsamverkan. Online. Presented about hunting ethics for employees at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (in Swedish). October 2022.

Nordic Environmental Ethics Winter Symposium 2021, Turku. Presented "Is there a Nordic hunting ethic? Examining the evolution of a common hunting ethos in Sweden." March 2021. 

COCE (Conference on Communication and Environment Online). The IECA (The International Environmental Communication Association): Re-Mediating the Wild. Online. Presented "Framing the Real by the Virtual: an ethical exploration of virtual reality training for hunters." June 2021.

Sveriges Vildnad 2020, Stockholm. ”Den svenska jägarens jaktetik – möjligheter och framtida utmaningar.” (in Swedish). November 2020.

International Symposium for Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) Virtual Conference 2020. Online. Presented “The Virtual Mentor” moral education in Hunting and Digital sources of knowledge. June 2020.

ESRS Conference: XXVIII European Society for Rural Sociology Congress "Rural futures in a complex world", Trondheim. Presented “Leisure and Labour in hunting.” June 2019.

Instagranimal: A symposium on the animal ethics and welfare challenges in animal-based tourism, SLU, Uppsala. Helped organise and presented "the seven sins of wildlife tourism." August 2019.




Postdoctor at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Landscape architecture Landscape management
Telephone: +18672245, +46761346387