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Lara Tickle

Lara Tickle
Lara Tickle is a PhD with the division of Environmental Communication at the department for Rural and Urban Development. She conducts empirical and theoretical research concerning frameworks of nature and wildlife management with a focus on hunting, alienation, ethics, commodification and governance.


She is currently working on the project Challenges Facing Swedish Hunting Ethics which forms part of her PhD studies. Her work is centered around modern processes of techological advancement and demographic trends that affect human relations to nature and wild fauna. Hunting is often at the centre of her research as a platform for human-wildlife interactions. She is experienced in governmental policy administration and has a background in Physical and Human Geography.  Lara holds the position of board member at the Wildlife Delegation in Uppsala.



Swedish Hunting Association

National Hunters' Association

International Environmental Communication Association (IECA)


MSc in Environmental Communication and Management from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

BA in Geography from King's College London

Doctoral Student at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Environmental Communication
Telephone: 672588, 0707968633
Postal address:
Inst för stad och land, Box 7012
Visiting address: Ulls väg 27, Uppsala