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Lena Skånberg

Lena Skånberg
I am employed as a research assistant and a PhD student with the Section of Ethology and Animal Welfare at the Department of Animal Environment and Health. I am part of the animal welfare unit and has been involved in several research project exploring animal welfare questions in many different animal species under our care with the focus on animal behaviour.


I have a bachelor degree in Biology by the Ethology and Animal Welfare program at SLU where my bachelor theses involved coping strategies in cats at a cattery. My masters degree was through Linköping University and the program Applied ethology and Animal Biology. I did my masters thesis within a larger research project at SLU together with Linda Keeling and Daiana de Oliveira where the usage of mechanical brushes could reflect cows’ affective states.


As a research assistant, I have been involved in multiple research projects with both focus on aspects of negative and positive welfare.

These are some of the projects I have been involved in:

In my PhD project, that begun in 2017, I will explore the effect of the early environment on laying hens abilities to cope with challenges and to take opportunities. Read more about this project here:



Doctoral Student, Research Assistant, Research Assistant leave of absence at the Department of Animal Environment and Health; Section of Ethology and Animal Welfare
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