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Linda Tufvesson

Researcher at the Department for Biosystems and Technology.


My research field concerns environmental aspects connected to the use of renewable resources, from biofuels and bioplastics to biochemicals. The research focuses both on environmental performance of different options but also on the development of the life cycle assessment methodology.


M.Sc. in Environmental engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Lund.

Ph.D., Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Lund.

Selected publications

Tufvesson L (2010) Environmental assessment of green chemicals – LCA of bio-based chemicals produced using biocatalysis, PhD thesis, Environmental and Energy System Studies, Lund University, Lund.

Börjesson P, Tufvesson L M (2011) Agricultural crop based biofuels – resource efficiency and environmental performance including direct land use changes, Journal of Cleaner Production, 19, 108-120.

Tufvesson L M, Tufvesson P, Woodley J M, Börjesson P (2013) Life cycle assessment of green chemicals – overview of key parameters and methodological concerns, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 18, 2, 431-444.

Ramos J L, Tufvesson L, Tufvesson P, Woodley J (2012) Measuring the eco-efficiency of bioprocesses, ChemBioChem, 3, 9-11.

Tufvesson L, Lantz M, Börjesson P (2013) Environmental performance of biogas produced from industrial residues including competition with animal feed – life-cycle calculations according to different methodologies and standards, Journal of Cleaner production, 53, 214-223.

Tufvesson P, Ekman A, Sadari R, Engdahl K, Tufvesson L (2013) Economic and environmental assessment of propionic acid production by fermentation using different renewable raw materials, accepted for publication in Bioresource Technology.

Tufvesson L, Lantz M (2012) Livscykelanalys av biogas från restprodukter, report no. 76, Environmental and Energy System Studies, Lund University, Faculty of Engineering.

Tufvesson L, Lantz M, Björnsson L (2013) Miljönytta och samhällsekonomiskt värde vid production av biogas från gödsel, report no. 86, Environmental and Energy System Studies, Lund University, Faculty of Engineering.

Staffas L, Tufvesson L, Svenfelt Å, Åström S, Torén J, Arushanyan Y (2013) Alternative sources for products competing with forest based biofuel – A pre-study. Report No 2013:10, f3 The Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels and Foundation, Sweden.

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