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Lutz Ahrens

Lutz Ahrens
I am Professor in Environmental Organic Chemistry and my research is focused on development of new analytical methods for emerging organic pollutants in the environment using advanced mass spectrometry methods, and application of these methods for transport and fate studies.


My current research is focusing on

  • Sources, fate and transport of emerging organic pollutants in the environment such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), flame retardants (FRs), personal care products and pharmaceuticals
  • Passive sampling of organic pollutants in water and air
  • Development of suspect and non-target screening methods using high resolution mass-spectrometry
  • Development of advanced treatment techniques for soil and water
  • Partitioning of organic pollutants in various compartments of the environment


The POPs-group

Previous members

  • Dr Meritxell Gross, ICRA, Girona, Spain
  • Dr Sarah Josefsson, Swedish Geological Survey (SGU), Uppsala, Sweden
  • Dr Pablo Gago Ferrero, ICRA, Girona, Spain
  • Dr Jana Weiss, Stockholm University
  • Dr Minh Anh Ngyuen
  • Dr. Jakob Gustavsson
  • Dr. Rikard Tröger, CKB, SLU, Sweden
  • Dr. Mattias Söregård
  • Dr. Vera Franke

PhD students

  • Sanne Smith
  • Björn Bonnet
  • Frank Menger
  • Winnie Nassazi
  • Chao Guo, visting PhD student
  • Anastasia Ivanova, visting PhD student
  • Natnael Demissie (Björn Vinnerås, Dept of Energy and Technology)
  • Hugo de Campos Pereira (Jon-Petter Gustavsson, Dept of Soil and Environment, SLU)
  • Georgios Niarchos (Fritjof Fagerlund, Uppsala University)
  • Dauren Mussabek (Ronny Berndtsson, Lunds University)

Current projects

  • PARC
  • ITN PERFORCE3: Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances towards the future of research and its communication in Europe (Coordinator IT Cousins, ACES, Stockholm University, WP3 leader L Ahrens)
  • Artificial groundwater recharge – A shortcut for harmful poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) into groundwater systems and drinking water supplies – Can we avoid this? (PFASMAR), Formas (main applicant Philipp Wanner, GU)
  • Impact of antimicrobials’ transformation products on the emergence of antibiotic resistance in aquatic bodies – mechanisms, influencing factors and associations, VR (main applicant FY Lai)
  • STOP-ARG: Stopping spreads of antibiotic resistance genes and antibiotics from on-site sewage facilities to the groundwater, Formas (main applicant FY Lai)
  • Early detection of organic micropollutants in aquatic ecosystems (main applicants L Ahrens, F Y Lai, O Golovko)
  • POPscreen: Screening for emerging organic pollutants in archived biota, Swedish EPA (main applicant L Ahrens, K Wiberg)
  • PhytoRem: Phytoremediation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS)-contaminated soil and groundwater (main applicant L Ahrens)
  • LakePOPs: Lake Mälaren – a lake for millions – but threatened as a natural resource for drinking water, Formas (main applicant K Wiberg)
  • Sorption of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in soils – mechanisms and modelling, VR (main applicant J P Gustafsson)
  • StopPFAS: In-situ remediation of PFASs based on sorption methods, TUFFO (main applicant F Fagerlund, Uppsala University)
  • Food waste to new food in an urban context – production, risk assessment and consumer acceptance (Main applicant Malin Hultberg, SLU).
  • DANTE: Effect-directed analysis as a tool towards a non-toxic environment - identification of mixture effects and toxicity drivers in water (DANTE). (Main applicant Johan Lundqvist, SLU).
  • DRICKS: Competence centre for drinking water - Projects about Sources, prevalence, and treatment of hazardous chemicals in drinking water, Svenskt Vatten and others

Previous projects

  • PFASs-FREE: Innovative treatment techniques for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in drinking water, Formas (main applicant L Ahrens)
  • Blackwater treatment and reuse as agricultural fertilizer: fate and behavior of pharmaceuticals, antibiotic resistance genes and evaluation of environmental risks, Formas
  • PFASs-PURE: Innovative treatment techniques for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in soil and groundwater, Vinnova (main applicant L Ahrens)
  • Forest-POPs I: Legacy and emerging POPs in the Swedish forest, Formas (main applicant K Wiberg)
  • Forest-POPs II: POPs in Swedish snow and boreal catchment waters, Oscar and Lili Lamms Minne (main applicant K Wiberg)
  • SafeDrink: Integrated chemical and toxicological methods for early detection of hazardous chemicals in drinking water, Formas (main applicant K Wiberg)
  • RedMic: Novel strategies to reduce diffuse emissions of micropollutants from on-site sewage facilities, Formas (main applicant P Andersson, Umeå University)
  • NonHazCity (EU Interreg flagship project): Innovative management solutions for minimizing emissions of hazardous substances from urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region (main applicant Stockholm Stad, Tonie Wickman)

Selected publications

Recently published peer-reviewed papers (2015-present)

  • Lundqvist, J., Mandava, G., Lungu-Mitea, S., Lai, F.Y., Ahrens, L. 2019. In vitro bioanalytical evaluation of removal efficiency for bioactive chemicals in Swedish wastewater treatment plants. Sci Rep. 9, 7166.

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  • Sörengård, M., Campos-Pereira, H., Ullberg, M., Lai, F.Y., Golovko, O., Ahrens, L. 2019. Mass loads, source apportionment, and risk estimation of organic micropollutants from hospital and municipal wastewater in recipient catchments. Chemosphere. 234, 931–41.

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