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Malin Axel-Nilsson

Malin Axel-Nilsson
PhD in ethology and animal science from SLU, Uppsala, with special competence in horse ethology and match between horse and rider, food safety, sustainable food production and LCA – life cycle analysis. Placed in Lerum, Gothenburg.


After the agronomist programme at SLU, I took a detour via language studies at Sorbonne in Paris, one year as a superintendent at Gothenburg University, and then returned to Ultuna and a PhD-project that 2015 resulted in the defense of my PhD thesis called ”The Match Between Horse and Rider” (Link:

Since then I have worked as a teacher, quality manager within food certification, and the most recent years as researcher and project manager with focus on sustainable food production, at the unit for Sustainable Consumption and Production at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, in Gothenburg.

I recently started the company Hästologen AB with the aim to spread research based knowledge about the horse and the match between horse and rider.


Fårproduktion och landskapsvård, ht 2022

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