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María Trinidad Torres García

María Trinidad Torres García
My research interests focus on the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems and their relationship to biodiversity and ecosystem services. I am currently working on identifying forest management strategies that ensure biodiversity conservation, ecosystem service provision, and adaptation to climate change in Swedish forests, using "retention trees" as cornerstone


Postdoctoral researcher in forest ecology at the Souther Swedish Forest Research Center (Alnarp)


Ph.D. in Sciences Applied to the Environment 2022. University of Almeria (Spain)

M.Sc. in Sustainable Forest and Nature Resource Management (SUFONAMA) 2016. University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Bangor University (UK)

B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences 2013. University of Almeria (Spain)

Selected publications

Please see my Google Scholar page for a complete publication list


  1. Torres-García MT, Oyonarte C, Cabello J, Guirado E, Rodríguez-Lozano B, Salinas-Bonillo MJ (2022) The potential of groundwater-dependent ecosystems to enhance soil biological activity and soil fertility in drylands. Science of the Total Environment
  2. Torres-García MT, Salinas-Bonillo MJ, Gázquez‐Sánchez F, Fernández-Cortés A, Querejeta JI, Cabello J (2021) Squandering water in drylands: the water‐use strategy of the phreatophyte Ziziphus lotus in a groundwater‐dependent ecosystem. American Journal of Botany, 108, 236–248.
  3. Torres-García MT, Salinas-Bonillo MJ, Cleverly JR, Gisbert J, Pacheco-Romero M, Cabello J (2021) A multiple-trait analysis of ecohydrological acclimatisation in a dryland phreatophytic shrub. Oecologia, 196, 1179–1193.
  4. Torres-García MT, Salinas-Bonillo MJ, Pacheco‐Romero M, Cabello J (2021) Modular growth and functional heterophylly of the phreatophyte Ziziphus lotus: A trait‐based study. Plant Species Biology, 1442-1984.12343.
  5. López-Rodríguez MD, Salinas-Bonillo MJ, Torres MT, Pacheco-Romero M, Guirado E, Castro H, Cabello J (2019). Launching collective science-policy-society strategies to conserve the Ziziphus lotus habitat (Priority Habitat 5220). Ecosistemas, 29(1), 1890.
  6. Pacheco-Romero M, Vallejos M, Paruelo J, Alcaraz-Segura D, Torres-García MT, Salinas-Bonillo MJ, Cabello J (2022). A data-driven methodological routine to identify key indicators for social-ecological system archetype mapping. Environmental Research Letters 17(4).