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Marie-Charlotte Nilsson Hegethorn

I am a Forest Vegetation Ecologist holding a Faculty chair in Forest Regeneration


My research is focused on understanding fundamental ecological processes underpinning successful forest regeneration and stand development of boreal forests. My work include studies on the abiotic and biotic factors that constrain or facilitate regeneration of both conifers and broadleaves when environmental conditions change, such as after wild-fire, climate warming or forest management interventions. The ultimate aim of my research is to provide data on both natural and assisted regeneration that will be useful in achieving global targets on climate and biodiversity as well as to provide greater insights into the sustainable use of forest resources in practical forestry.

Key words:

Allelopathy, Biological nitrogen fixation, Carbon- and Nitrogen cycles, Charcoal, Climate change, Cyanobacteria, Dwarf-shrubs, Feather mosses, Mycorrhizae, Plant-Plant, Plant-Soil, and Plant-Microbe interactions, Polyphenols, Seed and seedlings, Succession, Under- and Overstory Vegetation, Wild-fire


Professor at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Department of Forest Ecology and Management, joint staff
Telephone: +46907868440, +46705566604
Postal address:
Skogens ekologi och skötsel
901 83 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd 17, Umeå