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Märit Jansson

Märit Jansson
Märit Jansson works with collaboration, research, and teaching in landscape architecture. It mainly concerns landscape management, governance and planning for people and their well-being, providing possibilities for children and other groups to - through access, safety and participation - enjoy green spaces in built environments.


Märit Jansson is an associate professor working as a senior lecturer in landscape planning with focus on the use and management of urban landscapes. She is collaboration specialist in the theme urban environments, supporting collaboration between SLU landscape and other organisations and actors concerning her own expertise and more.

Main interests are the values of green spaces and their management with focus on socially sustainable urban development. Earlier studies have included children’s outdoor environments in playgrounds, school grounds, and neighbourhoods, children’s and other users’ perspectives on outdoor areas and their management and planning, the benefits of urban open space, effects of densification and perceived safety by vegetation.

Märit Jansson is theme group leader for Landscape Governance and Management.

During 2013-21 she was elected member of the LTV faculty board.


Lecturing in a large number of courses, particularly in parts dealing with children’s environments and qualitative research methods, and supervision of student theses to some extent.


Leading and participating in various research projects, mainly finansed by Formas. Currently focus is on outdoor office development, the welfare landscape, densification and sustainable greening of school grounds. Other studies have included child-friendly management and planning, perceived personal safety in residential areas with vegetation, Swedish playgrounds in history and today, children’s perspectives on school ground greening, and the value of urban open space.


From 2022 onwards, Märit Jansson has the role as collaboration specialist (lektor med samverkansuppdrag) in urban environments, with the possiblity to support collaboration between LAPF/SLU Landscape and other organisations and actors. Much of her work is done in collaboration with local governments, schools, organisations, national authorities, housing companies, architecture companies etc - in research projects or in the communication and utilisation of reseach-based knowledge. She is often engaged as lecturer about landscape management, child-friendly environments, school grounds, playgrounds, the values of urban open space, knowledge implementation in design etc.

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Selected publications

Books and reports:

Jansson, M., Schneider, J., Mårtensson, F., Kylin, M. & Fridell, L. (2021). Rum för skolans utemiljö - fördjupad analys krin gyta för förskolegård och skolgård. LTV

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Jansson, M. & Klintborg Ahlklo, Å. (red.) (2016). Plats för lek: svenska lekplatser förr och nu. Svensk Byggtjänst.

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Jansson, M. (2008). Kommunala lekplatser i tider av förändring. Report. SLU, Faculty of Landscape Planning, Horticulture and Agricultural Science, vol 2008:9.

Scientific papers published in journals with peer-review:

Jansson, M., Mårtensson, F., Vogel, N. (2024). Developing outdoor spaces for work and study—an explorative place-making process. Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 6, 1308637.

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Multiple conference abstracts, debate articles and popular science publications.


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management
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234 22 Lomma
Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp, Alnarp

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