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Markus Langeland


Two fish and air bubbles. Photo.

Research Interests: Animal nutrition, particularly in fish, dogs and cats. Protein utilization and alternative protein sources like microbes, mussels and insects to fish. Welfare, physiology, nutritional biochemistry, digestion, metabolism in fish, dogs and cats. Recirculating aquaculture systems and integrated multitrophic aquaculture. Nutrient requirements for novel fish species in aquaculture.

Research Goal: Develop nutrient resources for aquaculture that is not competing with human feed resources and are produced in a sustainable way. Increase knowledge on how to feed fish in a sustainable way, involving specific key questions like effects on performance and welfare after dietary intake of a novel feed ingredient.

Research Skills: Experimental design, feed formulation, sampling, nutrient requirements, protein metabolism, enzymology, animal models (fish) intact and cannulated models.

Activity with stakeholders outside the scientific society:

Project manager at Eastern Regional Aquaculture Center East.


Director of studies at the department of Animal nutrition and health.

Have been responsible for courses and lecturing about fish nutrition, aquaculture, dog and cat nutrition and biochemistry at both undergraduate and master's program.

Supervisor of bachelor and master theses in Animal Science.