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Mats Jonsell

Mats Jonsell
I am forest entomologist responsible for extension activities at the forest entomology unit. I do extension, teaching and research about insects, mainly in forests. I work both with pest problems and nature conservation aspects. I also take care about our insect collections at department of Ecology.


I am teaching on several different courses in entomology, conservation and forests.


My research is also on insects and mainly conservation aspects.  The most important projects are:

* Impact from bioenergy harvest in forests (slash and stumps). 

* The value of high stumps (which are retained on most clear cuts in Sweden) for the fauna.

* The production of food (saproxylic insects) for white backed woodpecker at restoration of forest stands.

* Insects in bracket fungi (polypores).

* The insect-fauna values of veteran trees.


1991 Master of Forestry, SLU, Umeå

1999 phD in Entomology, SLU, Uppsala

2007 Associate proffessor (=docent), Dept of Ecology, SLU, Uppsala

Selected publications

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Lönnberg, L. & Jonsell, M. 2012. Sand pits as habitats for beetles (Coleoptera): does their area affect species number and composition? – Biodiversity & Conservation 21: 853-874.

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Jonsell, M. & Schroeder, M. 2014. Proportions of saproxylic beetle populations that utilise clear-cut stumps in a boreal landscape – Biodiversity implications for stump harvest. Forest Ecology & Management 334: 313-320.

Jonsell, M,. González Alonso, C., Forshage, M., Achterberg, C.v. & Komonen, A. 2016 Structure of insect community in the fungus Inonotus radiatus in riparian boreal forests. – Journal of Natural history 50: 1613-1631.

Steiner, M., Öckinger, E., Karrer, G., Winsa, M. & Jonsell, M. 2016. Restoration of semi-natural grasslands, a success for phytophagous beetles (Curculionidae). – Biodiversity and Conservation 25: 3005-3022.

Hiron, M., m.fl. 2017. Consequences of bioenergy wood extraction for landscape-level availability of habitat for dead-wood dependent organisms. – Journal of Environmental Management 198: 33-42.

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Jonsell, M., Ols, C., Victorsson, J., & Hellqvist, S. 2019. Diptera in clear felling stumps like it dry. – Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 34: 673-677.

Jonsell, M., Widenfalk, L.A. & Hellqvist, S. 2020. Substrate specificity among Diptera in decaying bioenergy wood: Can they be conserved by the same measures as are currently applied to beetles? –Biodiversity and Conservation 29: 2623-2662.


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Ecology; S, Forest entomology unit
Telephone: +4618672876, +46722086359
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala

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