CV page

Melissa Cate Christ

Melissa is part of Design Theory in the Division of Landscape Architecture at the SLU Department of Urban and Rural Development. She is also a registered landscape architect (Canada), a researcher at UNSW, an instructor at UTS, a registered landscape architect (Ontario), and the founding director of transverse studio. Previously, she taught at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Hong Kong, and the University of Toronto, and has worked at GGN (Seattle) and DuToit, Allsopp, Hillier (Toronto). Melissa has a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from St. John’s College.

Selected publications

Cate Christ, Melissa and Hendrik Tieben. (2020) “Magic Lanes: A placemaking approach for alley spaces in Hong Kong”. Asian Alleyways: an Urban Vernacular in Times of Globalization. Ed. by Marie Gibert-Flutre and Heide Imai. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. p. 181-205.

Toland, Andrew and Melissa Cate Christ. (2020) “Documenting topographic ecologies in Hong Kong: Visual methods for hyper-dense and hyper-topographic urban spaces in landscape architecture”. Recombinant Ecologies in the City. Ed. by Ilaria Vanni and Alexandra Crosby, Visual Communication 2020-8 19(3), p. 391-414.

Toland, Andrew, Melissa Cate Christ and Julian Worral. (2019)“DigitalXPlace”. Placemaking Fundamentals for the Built Environment, Ed. By Dominique Hes and Cristina Hernandez-Santin. Sydney: Pargrave Macmillan. p. 253-274.