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Mia Ågren

Mia Ågren
PhD student in landscape architecture and planning, focused on issues of white epistemologies in urban green planning and its effect on environmental and social justice.


In fall 2018 I started as PhD student at the Institution for Urban and Rural Development at SLU Ultuna, in Uppsala, focusing on landscape architecture and planning and its link to structural inequality.

In my PhD project, I study how white epistemologies in urban green planning influence environmental and subsequently, social justice. I specifically focus on Uppsala municipality, and the planning practice associated to the densification project Östra Sala Backe.


is active in the SLU Landscape PhD's Forum.


I hold a bachelor degree in sociology and sustainable development from Uppsala university. My master is from SLU and in environmental communication in which I focused my thesis on  "Why the whiteness in outdoor recreation?". I studied how one of Sweden's largest environmental organiation worked with issues of gender and diversity, meanwhile due to for instance whiteness influencing that work, had effects that countered their empancipatory intentions. I build on this previous knowledge as I now study urban planning and specifically green planning, from a critical, discoursive and also ethnographic approach. 


My supervision team includes: Mattias Qviström, Katarina Salzman, Burcu Yigit Turan and Stephanie Leder.

Selected publications

Arora-Jonsson, S., & Ågren, M. (2019). Bringing diversity to nature: Politicizing gender, race and class in environmental organizations? Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 2(4), 874–898.


Doctoral Student leave of absence at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Landskapsarkitektur Fysisk planering
Telephone: +4618672549, +460738011008