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Michael Peacock

Michael Peacock
I am a researcher in the Geochemistry and Hydrology Section, with an interest in the biogeochemistry of peatlands, wetlands and inland waters.


Much of my past research has focused on peatland management and associated effects on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and aquatic carbon dynamics. This has included work in the UK uplands and lowlands to address questions such as:

·         How does upland blanket bog rewetting affect GHG emissions and drinking water quality?

·         Can lowland agricultural fens be restored into functioning wetlands that begin to sequester carbon?

·         What contribution do drainage ditches make to the GHG balance of peatlands on a landscape scale?

Currently I am involved in researching lakes, streams and ponds. In particular, I am interested in GHG emissions from inland waters, particularly small artificial waterbodies such as ditches and ponds. I also study how dissolved organic matter (DOM) is transformed as it moves through catchments, and have an interest in methods to quantify the composition of DOM.

Selected publications

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