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Miguel Montoro Girona



I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Restoration Ecology group of the department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Sciences at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå and in the University of Quebec in Chiucoutimi (Canada). My current research is focused on the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems and biodiversity using modelling resilience approaches to provide decision management tools to mitigate their effects in boreal forests. However, I have a background in silviculture and forest management developing experimental treatments to reach the sustainable management in boreal forest studding the growth, mortality, regeneration and vegetation responses but also the economic implications. During the last years, I participated in different Forest Ecology and Restoration projects around boreal biome: Canada, Sweden and Finland. Before starting in the wonderful world of Research, I worked during 4 years in the Ministry of the Environment of Andalusia (Spain) in different fields: evaluating grant applications for the European Commission of Environment funds, engineer in the forest fire intervention and technician in spatial analysis.

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Lecture on general ecology. Forests ecosystems, diversity, inventory technics. 2013-2014.

Spanish course in University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. 2013-2017.


Lecture on Forest Restoration. Forestry Faculty. Huelva University. Andalusia, Spain. 2018.

Lecture on Challenges of Forest Research. Forestry Faculty. Huelva University. 2018.

Lecture on Ecology and Management in Canadian boreal forest. Forestry Faculty. Huelva University, Andalusia, Spain. 2018.

Lecture on Conservation biology: Climate Change and Biodiversity. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Umeå, Sweden. 2018-19.


Lecture on Climate Change, BIodiversity Forest Restoration. Forestry Faculty. University Federal de Paranà, Curitiba, Brazil. 2018.

Lecture about growth modelling for master and Phd students. 2015-2016.

Lecture about methodologies applied in vegetation studies in the context of forest resilience. 2016.


Lecture about Restoration Ecology and Climate Change. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Restoration Ecology Group. 2018.

Lecture about the importance of Twitter and facebook on the diffusion of scientific paper. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Restoration Ecology Group. 2017.


I am interested in Restoration Ecology, Forest Management and Natural Disturbances and have a special interest in Biodiversity Conservation, Wildlife Ecology and the Dendroecological or Paleoecological approaches to reconstruct the past of ecosystems. In my research, I like to study the forest ecosystems at multiples spatial and temporal scales considering the interaction between the ecological drivers. Thus, I combine innovator modelling techniques with fieldwork to get a better understanding of how species, stands and forest landscapes answer to the anthropic and natural disturbances using a complex adaptive system as the main framework.


My collaborations and network is focused in forest ecology researchers around the boreal biome: in Canada (UQAC, Laval University, Canadian Forest Service, Forest Complexity Modelling Program), Sweden (SLU), Finland (University of Helsinki and METLA and University of Eastern Finland) and USA (Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center). But also, I have special collaborations in Italy (University of Naples Federico II), France (INRA), Brasil (Universidade Federal do Paraná) and Spain (University of Seville, University of Huelva). 



Ph.D. in Forest Ecology and Management, University of Quebec in Chicoutimi, Canada. « Growth, mortality, regeneration and vegetation responses in black spruce stands after experimental silvicultural treatments». Supervisor: Dr Hubert Morin; Co-supervisor: Dr Jean-Martin Lussier. September, 2017.

Master in "Nature conservation and biodiversity". University of Cadiz and Government of Catalonia. 2009 - 2011.

Master in "Geographic information systems, spatial planning and environment." (ArcGIS 9.3, Access and Oracle databases, remote sensing, GPS, etc.). University of Seville. 2009.

Bachelor in Forestry Engineering, University of Huelva. Higher School of Technology of "La Rábida" 2007-2010.

Bachelor in Environmental Sciences. University of Murcia. Specialization in "Management and conservation of the natural environment". 2002-2007.


        Spanish, French, English, Italian

Forest researcher on Canadian Forest Service (Environment Canada). Analyses of metadata, writting rapport and scientific paper about silviculture, windthrow and regeneration. 2016- 2017.

Environmental technician. Ministry of Employment Government of Andalusia. Development of environmental planning tools using participatory methodology techniques in the context of enterprises. Huelva. 2010 –2011.

Geographic Information Systems Technician. Project to signalize the Galician Wine Roads. Ministry of Tourism of Galicia. Turgalicia, Vigo. 2010.

Forestry engineer. Drafting and articulation of the Local Emergency Plan for the prevention of wildfires in Chilluévar, Jaén (Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and las Villas). 2010.

Environmental technician. European grants for biodiversity, natural parks, forest fire prevention and forest management. Ministry of the Environment of Andalusia. Review, evaluation and issuance of grant applications and certification of funded projects. Jaén. 2009 - 2010.

Geographic Information Systems Technician. Ministry of the Environment of Andalusia. Cartography of the forest ecosystems for the annual report of the environment of Andalusia. Seville. 2008 - 2009.

Forestry engineer. INFOCA plan for the prevention and control of wildfires of the Ministry of the Environment of Andalusia. Cazorla. 2008.


Finalist in the contest of Canadian scientific photography “The Forest week”. Laval University. Quebec. See photo

Finalist in the contest of Canadian scientific photography “la preuve par l’image”. See finalists

Scholarship of Research for innovations of experimental silvicultural treatments. 2016. Canadian forest Service. 

Scholarship to promote and cover the publication frees on OpenAccess journal. Décanat de la recherche et de la création. 2016. UQAC. 

Excellence scolarship to fund the end of Phd project. Forest Complexity Modelling Program. UQAM. 2016-2017. See program

Excellence scolarship to realize internship in Finland. Forest Complexity Modelling Program. UQAM. 2015.

Honor distinction fot the final project of B.Sc. “Analysis of contaminants in cetaceans of the western Mediterranean”.  2007.


Bachelor students

Impact of Spruce budworm on seedlings after clearcut in Canadiand boreal forest. UQAC. 2017-2018. Janie Lavoie.

Master students

Vulnerability of regeneration to insect epidemics under a silvicultural gradient. UQAC. 2018-2020. Janie Lavoie. See project

PhD students

Chapter IV of Lionel Navarro Phd. Changes in spatiotemporal patterns of 20th century spruce budworm outbreaks in eastern Canadian boreal forests.

External supervision of MSc and PhD student

Understanding a revolutionary paleoindicator: Lepidoptera scales. UQAC. 2017-2019. Emy Tremblay.

Reconstructing spatio-temporal patterns of insect outbreaks in boreal forest: A dendroecological approach. Lionel Navarro. Université de Québec à Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada.

Currently, we are looking for students for new projects, thus, if you are interested in doing an MSc thesis topic with me, please feel free to contact me.

Selected publications

Peer reviewed articles in international journals as corresponding author

Montoro Girona, M., Morin, H., Lussier., J.M. and J.C. Ruel. Post-cutting mortality following experimental silvicultural treatments in unmanaged boreal forest stands. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change. See paper.

Navarro, L. Morin, H, Bergeroin, Y., and Montoro Girona, M. Changes in Spatiotemporal Patterns of 20th Century Spruce Budworm Outbreaks in Eastern Canadian Boreal Forests. 2018. Frontiers in Plant Sciences. See paper

Montoro Girona, M., Morin, H., Lussier., J.M. and Thiffault, N. Conifer Regeneration After Experimental Shelterwood and Seed-Tree Treatments in Boreal Forests: Finding Silvicultural Alternatives. 2018. Frontiers in Plant Sciences. See paper

Montoro Girona, M., Navarro, L. and Morin, H. 2018. A Secret Hidden in the Sediments: Lepidoptera scales. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6 (2).  See paper

Montoro Girona, M. New Silvicultural Treatments to Achieve Sustainable Management of Canadian Boreal Forest. 2017. Phd thesis, University from Quebec in Chicoutimi. See Phd thesis

Montoro Girona, M., Rossi, S., Lussier., J.M., Walsh, D., and Morin, H. Understanding the variability in tree growth responses after partial cutting treatments in boreal forest: Individual model approach 2017. PLOS-ONE.  See article

Montoro Girona, M., Morin, H., Lussier, J. M., & Walsh, D. 2016. Radial growth response of black spruce stands ten years after experimental shelterwoods and seed-tree cuttings in boreal forest. Forests, 7(10), 240.   See article

Montoro Girona, M., Navarro, L. and Morin, H. 2018. A Secret Hidden in the Sediments: Lepidoptera scales. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6 (2). See paper

Montoro Girona, M., Kuuluvainen, T. and Morin, H. (in redaction).Evaluation of the vegetation reponses 10 years after shelterwood treatments: Ecological comparative study between Finland and Quebec. 

Lavoie, J., Montoro Girona, M., and Morin, H. (in redaction). Vulnerability of conifer regeneration to insect outbreaks in boreal forest. From Master project. 

Proceedings and other scientific reports

À la recherche de l’aménagement durable en forêt boréale : croissance, mortalité et régénération des pessières noires soumises à différents systèmes sylvicoles. Montoro Girona Miguel. 2017. Phd thesis, University from Quebec in Chicoutimi. See Phd thesis

Regional plan for the prevention and control of wildfire. Montoro Girona, M., et Alaejos, J. 2010. Library of the University of Huelva. Without collaboration. Forest management tool. Thesis memory. See Thesis memory

Evaluation of heavy metals and organoclorines on cetaceans of Western-Mediterranean sea. Thesis memory. University of Murcia. 2007.

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Conferences and International Communications

Organizer of "Using landscape simulation models to help balance conflicting goals in a changing forest: from timber production to carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation" symposium in International Association in Landscape Ecology (IALE) Conference. Milano, Italy. July, 2019. 

Organizer of Forest Restoration symposium in SERE (Society for Ecological Restoration) Conference. Forest restoration at multiple scales: from species and microsites to habitats and landscapes. Reykjavik, Iceland. September, 2018. See project

Simulations of moose browsing in Sweden: effects on timber production and forest structure. Miguel Montoro Girona, Anouschka Hof, Joakim Hjältén, Nathan DeJager. Reykjavik, Iceland. September, 2018. See Detailed Session Plan

Invited speaker as international researcher for the  Master in Forest Management.  Forestry Faculty in Huelva University. Spain. 3 conferences. April, 2018.

Conference about Forest Modeling in Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center., Wisconsin, USA. March, 2018. Oral presentation. 

Participation in “Wind and Trees” congress. IUFRO. Boulder, Colorado, USA. 2017. Oral presentation. See conference schedule

Public oral presentation with all the results of my Phd. UQAC. March 2017.

Oral presentation in Forest Complexity Modelling Program meeting with all the canadian students. Laurentides research Center, Quebec. 2016.

Oral presentation in 10th anunal meeting of Centre for Forest Research. Montréal. Avril, 2016. See abstract

Conference about resilience and partial cutting in boreal forest. University of Helsinki. 2015.

Poster in 8th annual meeting of Centre for Forest Research. Montreal. Avril, 2014. See poster

E-CANUSA congress. Rimouski. Octobre - 2014. Representation of Vegetal and Animal laboratoty of UQAC.

Other contributions

Virtual visit to our experimental design (360° in the forest). See Virtual Visit 

Science popularisation of projects in Forest sciences and laboratory activities 2013-2016.

Interview with the regional media on the sustainable management of forests

Describing projects in Forest Ecology to high school students

Workshop with the society the Forest Day (Forester Society of Saguenay)(Forester Society of Saguenay)

Vulgarisation paper about my published papers in Scientific blogs and via social media

Vice-president of the university environmental association (Green Office)
Announcer of a radio program on environmental issues (Radio Regional de Murcia).

Coordinator of environmental volunteer programs at the University of Murcia


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Editor/Referee journal       Frontier in Plant Science, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, PLOS-ONE, Forests, Forestry,  Sustainability, Journal of Mountain Science

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Leisure activity        Scientific diffusion, Photography, Ornithology, Hiking, Climbing.

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