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Monika Johansson

Monika Johansson
I am a researcher at the Department of Molecular Sciences. My research focus is on raw milk quality as a basis for processed dairy products. Mainly, bovine milk is the milk source I am working with. But also milk from other species, such as goat, buffalo and camel, is included in my projects.


My research course started with a dissertation (2006) at SLU in the field of mitochondrial plant proteins. After my postdock period at Uppsala University, I returned to SLU where I began research connected to food science and milk composition. Since 2015 I am Associate Professor in Food Science focusing on animal derived foods.

In addition to research and teaching, I am a Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Department of Molecular Sciences.

I am an active member of the BUP (Baltic University Program), and during the last years I was an academic coordinator of SAIL (Sustainability Applied in International Learning) - summer courses for master students but also for teachers from dozens of countries. These courses are conducted at sea on-board the tall ship Fryderyk Chopin


I am currently a course leader, coordinator and active lecturer in various courses at both basic and advanced level in different programs:

- Food Technology, (LV0101) 15 credits, Uppsala (course leader)
- Agricultural Science for Food Agronomists, (LB0105), 15 credits Uppsala (course leader)
- Agricultural Science for Animal Agronomists, (LB0085), 15 credits, Uppsala (coordinator)
- Agricultural Science for Soil and Plant Agronomists, (LB0107), 15 credits, Uppsala (coordinator)
- Agricultural Science for Economics, (LB0086), 15, Uppsala (coordinator)
- Agricultural Science for Rural Development Agronomists, (LB0087), 15 credits, Uppsala (coordinator)
- Animal food science, (LV0099), 15 credits, Uppsala (lecturer)
- Food Chemistry (KLI011), 7.5 credits, (Chalmers) (lecturer)


In the current projects we investigate the relationship between on-farm factors and their effects on raw milk quality. The purpose is to understand parameters that affect e.g. protein composition, proteolytic activity, micelle size, rheological properties and microbiota in the milk. These, but many other parameters are very important for successful processing of high quality milk products.

In the case of small ruminants, we were screening the prevalence of alpha-S1 casein, one of the milk proteins that is to a large extent low expressed in Swedish goat's milk. This unwanted mutation results in lower cheese yield leading to lower profitability for the goat cheese producers. We also investigate the possibility of using species-specific rennet from goat abomasum (product currently absent on the market) instead of using calf rennet in the goat cheese production.

In the case of buffalo milk, we have studied differences in milk composition between different endemic species from Sri Lanka, but also changes in milk composition during the first period of lactation from a Swedish buffalo heard.


Swedish Dairy Farmers Society
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Molecular Sciences; Animaliska livsmedel
Telephone: +4618672041, +46761455932
Postal address:
Institutionen för molekylära vetenskaper
Box 7015
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Almas Allé 5, BioCentrum, Ultuna, Uppsala