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Neva Leposa

Neva Leposa
Neva Leposa has a Ph.D. in Environmental Social Sciences. Her research interest lies in exploring framing, governance, and planning human-nature relations. She empirically explores outdoor recreation at seas as well as in urban places.


Currently she is involved in the TOD project which investigates the Sustainable Leisure Mobilities in Compact Towns and in the Welfare landscape Reassembled  project

Selected publications

Lepoša, N., Peinert, H., & Qviström, M. (2023). Negotiating the city during the dark season: a study of recreational running. Mobilities, 1-16.

Lepoša, N., & Knutsson, P. (2022). Framing matters for ontological politics of the ocean: Contrasting European union policy framings with recreationists’ alternative experiences of a living sea world. Society & Natural Resources, 1-17.

Leposa, N. (2020). Problematic blue growth: a thematic synthesis of social sustainability problems related to growth in the marine and coastal tourism. Sustainability Science, 15(4), 1233-1244.

Gee, K., Blazauskas, N., Dahl, K., Göke, C., Hassler, B., Kannen, A., Leposa, N., Morf, A., Strand, H., Weig, B. and Zaucha, J., 2019. Can tools contribute to integration in MSP? A comparative review of selected tools and approaches. Ocean & Coastal Management, 179, p.104834. 

Lepoša, N. (2018). When Sea becomes home. Annals of Tourism research, 72, 11-21.

Lepoša, N. (2017). The emergence of ambivalent leisure consumers–The case of boating along the Swedish West Coast. Journal of Cleaner Production, 145, 35-44. 


Researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Landscape architecture Spatial planning
Telephone: +4618672520