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Nicolas Carton

Nicolas Carton
Postdoctoral researcher in cropping systems diversification - Cropping Systems Ecology research group.


I am an agronomist with enthusiasm for diversification of cropping systems making use of interactions between plant species: crop rotations, intercrops, cover crops, living mulches. My research focuses on weed control and productivity using a combination of analytic and systemic approaches.

My motivation is to contribute to the transition towards cropping systems including more legumes given their benefits for the reduction of inputs and their importance for more environmentally conscious diets.


During my PhD I taught plant anatomy, botany and weed identification to BSc students. I also presented my PhD work in a pedagogical way to several MSc students groups. I presented and discussed the topic “EU protein Deficit : How did we get there? What solutions?” for ingeneering students at ESA (France).


In my PhD, I studied : 1) traits involved in competitive ability in lupin and cereals in the early growth phase 2) dynamics of interactions in lupin-cereal intercrops 3) impacts of these interactions on weeds and overall crop productivity.

I am now mainly involved in the European research project DiverIMPACTS and in the project Organic Swedish Lentils. Within DiverIMPACTS we compare production performance and sustainability of two organic 6-years rotations differing in diversification levels: one integrates a high number of intercrops and cover crops.

Within the Organic Swedish Lentils project we test different lentil varieties, mechanical weeding , companion plants species and densities. We focus on production performances and weed control to facilitate integration of lentil in Swedish organic cropping systems.

I will conduct a comparison of nutritional quality of grain legumes cultivated in sole crop vs. intercropped with cereals.

I also take part in an experiment on “Ecological Precision Farming” with intercrops within the European research project ReMIX.


I would like to work as close as possible to innovative farmer groups. I aim at gradually including a closer link to various stakeholders within my research.


- MSc in Agroecology (Université de Lorraine, 2014): knowledge of agroecological concepts and practises.
- Ing. in agronomy – Sustainable development of agricultural supply chains (ENSAIA, Nancy, 2014): broad education about agriculture (socio-economic and environmental aspects), training of professional skills.
--> MSc thesis: Cropping systems integrating a perennial or semi-perennial legume cover crop

- PhD in Agricultural Sciences (Université d’Angers, 2017): Interactions resulting from additive intercropping of lupin with a cereal: effects on weeds and productivity


During my PhD I co-supervised two MSc theses.

Selected publications

Postdoctor at the Institutionen för biosystem och teknologi
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