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Nina Lind Ranneberg

Nina Lind Ranneberg
Nina Lind Ranneberg is the Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of Economics and the Director of the research school People, Society and Sustainability. She works as a researcher in the group for Decision making and managerial behaviour covering interdisciplinary research projects on farmers decision making and animal health.


Nina is teaching on quantitative research methods on both bachelor and master level, various courses related to business administration, and supervising bachelor and master theses.

As part of Nina's task as the Director of Undergraduate Studies she is working with strategic and pedagogical development issues. 


Nina’s research interest is within the field of decision making and interdisciplinary research area of psychology and business administration where she focuses on dairy farmers decision making in regard to animal health. She is at the moment working with multiple trans- and interdisciplinary research project related to animal health.

Nina use different psychological theories as an attempt to study what controls decision-making and how the view of illness in dairy cows can motivate farmers to work proactively to improve animal health.

Nina is among others collaborating with Helena Hansson and Carl-Johan Lagerkvist at the Department of Economics, Ulf Emanuelson, Lisa Ekman, Nils Fall and Lena-Mari Tamminen at the Department of Clinical Sciences.


Nina has a PhD in psychology which she received at Umea University in 2015. She has been working at the department of economics since August 2015. As part of PhD project, her focus was then on health psychology and the effect of the enivronment. She has experience from both experimental and quantitative studies within the field of psychology by participating in a number of research projects ranging from the effect of the environment on psychological health, from asthma and allergy, experiences from chemicals among the sensitive population to air pollutions effect on dementia, see publication list.

Selected publications

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Researcher at the Department of Economics; Decision-making and Managerial Behavior
Telephone: 018-671545
Postal address:
Institutionen för ekonomi, Box 7013
75007 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls hus, Ulls väg 27, 756 51 Ultuna, Uppsala