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Patrik Olsson

Patrik Olsson
I am a teacher at the department since february 1. My teaching is focusing on the historical aspects of garden- park- and landscape-history. I have a background as a human geographer and a cultural-historian at the Regional Museum in Kristianstad. In 2012 I defended my thesis in human geography with the title On both sides of the road: Avenues and the landscape in Scania 1700-1900.


My approach to landscape is above all the one of the historical geographer. In order to understand the landscape of today, we need to understand the processes that has shaped it. I am especially interested in the different dialectial relationships that exist such as nature/culture and practical/aesthetical. My work has had a focus on cultural heritage issues foremost the biological cultural heritage but I am also very interested in the immaterial cultural heritage. I have done a lot of work on landscape management and conservation and landscape analysis. I am the main author of a book on the management of avenues (tree-lined roads) together with a biologist (Alléhandboken, 2005) and I have been invited to speak about avenues in Sweden and other European countries. 


Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management
Postal address:
Box 190
234 22 Lomma
Visiting address: Slottsvägen 5, Alnarp, Alnarp