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Raj Chongtham

Raj Chongtham Iman
Researcher at the Department of Biosystems and Technology


My personal and research interest has been on identifying ways for a speedy transition to sustainable food and feed systems, by improving the production systems as well as the interactions between actors in the food value chain. This curiosity has been driven by the fact that the current agricultural practices are characterized by high external inputs and intensive use of resources, which cannot be sustainable.  I have been analyzing how various crop and farm management practices in organic and conventional production systems can address climate change, low economic incentives, declining ecosystems services and loss of biodiversity.  I have experience in conducting minor agrarian diagnostic studies in middle- and low income countries such as in Romania, South Africa and Uganda.

Currently, I am involved in projects, which investigates the benefits of crop diversification, both in space and time, for instance intercropping of legumes with cereals and oilseeds, for more diversified, productive, adaptive and agro-ecological cropping systems in Northern Europe.

In addition, I have keen interest in multi-criteria sustainability assessment tools, and these tools are used in my research, teaching and supervision of student thesis works.


 I am the course leader of ‘Agroecology and sustainability of production systems’ offered at  MSc level, and also teach in other courses on crop production systems and agrarian diagnostic studies using participatory approaches.

I am the leader of the PhD course in “Cropping Systems Diversification”.

I am the current Deputy Study Director of MSc progam in Agroecology


MSc in Desert Studies, specializing in Agriculture and Biotechnology for Sustainable Dryland Development, 2006. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

MSc in Sustainable Agricultural Development, 2008. University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Montpellier SUPAGRO, France

PhD in Agriculture, 2016. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.

Post-doc in cropping systems ecology, 2017. Department of Biosystems and Technolgy, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp.

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