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Rong Lang

Rong Lang


I worked on greenhouse gases emissions from forest and rubber plantations in the tropics during my PhD study in the University of Hohenheim. The focuses were statistically assessing the impact of land-use change and investigating processes into soil profiles at the plot level.

I am experienced with remote sensing and GIS because I worked in the Spatial Unit of World Agroforestry-East and Central Asia. Upscaling processes-based models from plot level to regional level is one of areas I am particularly interested in, and modeling soil C & N dynamics is another area I would like to explore while working in SLU.


During working in the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF)-East and Central Asia, I taught and coordinated in three batch of training programs on remote sensing and GIS for foreign trainee.


In SLU, I am currently working on two long-term experiments,

-Greenhouse gases emission from the frame trial in Ultuna: CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes and isotopic signatures measured from automated chambers and Picarro analyzers, investigating the effect of four management treatments on Greenhouse gases emissions

-  Management effect on soil fertility in the field experiment in central Sweden: time series soil C, N and pH in the topsoil and recent sampling in the subsoil, investigating the effect of rotation and fertilization on soil fertility and microbial composition (phospholipid fatty acid analysis)

Selected publications

Lang, R., Goldberg, S. D., Blagodatsky, S., Piepho, H.-P., Hoyt, A. M., Harrison, R. D., Xu, J., & Cadisch, G. (2020). Mechanism of methane uptake in profiles of tropical soils converted from forest to rubber plantations. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 145, 107796. doi:

Lang, R., Goldberg, S., Blagodatsky, S., Piepho, H.-P., Harrison, R. D., Xu, J., & Cadisch, G. (2019). Converting forests into rubber plantations weakened the soil CH4 sink in tropical uplands. Land Degradation & Development, 30(18), 2311-2322. doi:

Ledo, A., Hillier, J., Smith, P., Aguilera, E., Blagodatskiy, S., Brearley, F. Q., Datta, A., Diaz-Pines, E., Don, A., Dondini, M., et al. (2019). A global, empirical, harmonised dataset of soil organic carbon changes under perennial crops. Scientific Data, 6(1), 57. doi:

Laub, M., Blagodatsky, S., Lang, R., Yang, X., & Cadisch, G. (2018). A mixed model for landscape soil organic carbon prediction across continuous profile depth in the mountainous subtropics. Geoderma, 330, 177-192. doi:

Lang, R., Blagodatsky, S., Xu, J., & Cadisch, G. (2017). Seasonal differences in soil respiration and methane uptake in rubber plantation and rainforest. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 240, 314-328. doi:


Researcher at the Department of Ecology; NJ, Ekosystems Ecology Unit
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala