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Sanna Bergqvist

Sanna Bergqvist
PhD student in Crop Science


I am a first year PhD student in crop science at the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden at SLU in Umeå.


The aim of my research is to further develop the use of sensor technologies for evaluating forage crops in both field experiments and large scale forage production. Remote sensing instruments, both handheld and mounted to platforms, will be used to estimate the quality and digestibility of the forage crops in already established fields.


Main supervisor:

Prof. David Parsons, Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, SLU, Umeå


Dr. Julien Morel, Joint research centre, European commision, Ispra

Dr. Kristin Piiki, Department of Soil and Environment, SLU, Skara

Selected publications

Bergqvist, S. (2021) Long-term effects of cropping system on red clover proportion and crude protein concentration in mixed leys: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Crop Production Ecology. Uppsala. Master’s thesis.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Crop production science
Telephone: +46907868726, +46730675037
Postal address:
Inst för Växtproduktionsekologi
90183 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, vån 5, Umeå