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Shoujiao Li

Shoujiao Li


I am a Ph.D. student in the Cropping Systems Ecology group. I am interested in the multi-attribute assessment of the sustainability of cropping systems, ecosystem services delivered by perennial cereal grain crops, and interspecific interactions in cereal and legume intercropping.


The topic of my Ph.D. project is assessing the sustainability and ecosystem services delivered by cropping systems with perennial cereal grain crops. Perennial cereal grain crop is expected to improve agricultural sustainability compared with annual cereal crops due to their extensive root systems and continuous soil cover, which reduce soil erosion, nitrate leaching, increase carbon sequestration meanwhile increase farmer’s income by decreasing annual inputs and costs. This project focus on the holistic assessment of economic, social, and environmental sustainability provided by perennial cereal grain cropping systems, and comparison of ecosystem services between perennial and annual cropping systems.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy (2016) and a Master’s degree in Agriculture (2019) from China Agricultural University, and was major in forage and grassland science. I did my Master’s thesis at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences as a joint master's student in 2018.

Selected publications

Li, S.; Barreiro, A.; Jensen, E.S.; Zhang, Y.; Mårtensson, L.-M.D. Early interspecific dynamics, dry matter production and nitrogen use in Kernza (Thinopyrum intermedium) – alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) mixed intercropping. Acta Agric. Scand. Sect. B-Soil Plant Sci. 2019, 70, 165-175, doi:10.1080/09064710.2019.1686164.

Bi, Y.; Zhou, P.; Li, S.; Wei, Y.; Xiong, X.; Shi, Y.; Liu N.; Zhang, Y. Interspecific interactions contribute to higher forage yield and are affected by phosphorus application in a fully-mixed perennial legume and grass intercropping system. Field Crops Res. 2019, 244, 107636. doi: 10.1016/j.fcr.2019.107636

Xue, Z.; Wang, Y.; Yang, H.; Li, S.; Zhang, Y. Silage Fermentation and In Vitro Degradation Characteristics of Orchardgrass and Alfalfa Intercrop Mixtures as Influenced by Forage Ratios and Nitrogen Fertilizing Levels. Sustainability, 2020, 12, 871. doi: 10.3390/su12030871


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