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Simon Hallstan

Simon Hallstan
I work with communication, web and environmental monitoring and assessment.


I work as an environmental assessment specialist at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment.

Projects and assignments

My interests include

  • Scientific communication
  • Classification of ecological status of lakes and streams
  • Biological indices for assessment of human induced stress in aquatic ecosystems
  • Models for taxonomic completeness (i.e. RIVPACS-type models)
  • Species distribution models

 Tools I work with

  • R-software
  • Arcmap
  • QGIS

 Previous projects


I have a master degree in biology and education in science communication from Uppsala University. In 2011, I defended my licentiate thesis at SLU, Uppsala.

Selected publications

All publications at SLUPub

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RK Johnson, X Zhao, S Hallstan. 2018. Disentangling the response of lake littoral invertebrate assemblages to multiple pressures. Ecological Indicators 85, 1149-1157.

RK Johnson, DG Angeler, S Hallstan, L Sandin, BG McKie. 2017. Decomposing multiple pressure effects on invertebrate assemblages of boreal streams. Ecological Indicators 77, 293-303.

Johnson RK, Hallstan, S. Benthic invertebrates in streams and lakes. In Lindegarth et al (Editors). 2016. Ecological Assessment of Swedish Water Bodies; development, harmonisation and integration of biological indicators. Final report of the research programme WATERS. Deliverable 1.1-4, WATERS report no 2016:10. Havsmiljöinstitutet, Sweden.  

Hallstan Simon, Trigal Cristina, Johansson Karin, Johnson Richard (2013). The impact of climate on the geographical distribution of phytoplankton species in boreal lakes. Oecologia, 173 (4), pp.1625-1638.

Hallstan Simon, Johnson Richard, Sandin Leonard (2013). Effects of Dispersal-Related Factors on Species Distribution Model Accuracy for Boreal Lake Ecosystems. Diversity, 5 (2), pp.393-408.

Hallstan Simon (2011). Species distribution models : ecological applications for management of biodiversity. Licentiate Thesis. Uppsala: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Environmental Assessment Specialist at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment; Section for Ecology and Biodiversity
Telephone: +4618673160
Postal address:
Institutionen för vatten och miljö, Box 7050
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala