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Sofia Delin

Sofia Delin
Associate professor in Soil Science/Plant Nutrition.


Professional interests

  • Nitrogen mineralisation and fertilisation effects (N & P) from organic fertilizers
  • Optimized manure application for improved nitrogen efficiency
  • Effects of fertilisation and crop protection on nitrogen leaching
  • Within-field variations in soil nitrogen mineralisation 
  • Nitrogen fertilisation of cereals
  • Farm soil mapping systems

Research projects

  • Organic fertilizers to spring and winter sown cereals
  • Optimal placement of pelleted organic fertilizers
  • Phosphorus and Nitogen leaching after autumn application of manure
  • Closing the nitrogen budget in arable fields with different fertilization

Selected publications

Doctoral thesis

Delin, S. 2005. Site-specific Nitrogen Fertilization Demand in Relation to Plant Available Soil Nitrogen and Water. Potential for prediction based on soil characteristics. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae 2005:6, 55 pp.

Papers in scientific international journals

Delin, S. 2016. Fertilizer value of phosphorus in different residues. Soil Use and Management 32, 17–26.

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Delin, S., Stenberg, B., Nyberg, A. och Brohede, L. 2012. Potential methods for estimating nitrogen fertilizer value of organic residues. Soil Use and Management 28, 283–291.

Karlsson T., Delin S., Kätterer T., Berglund K., Andrén O. 2011. Calculating temporal and spatial variation in nitrogen mineralisation within an arable field in Sweden. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica. Section B, Soil and Plant Science vol. 61 333-344

Delin S. 2011. Fertilizer value of nitrogen in hen and broiler manure after application to spring barley using different application timing. Soil Use and Management, 27, 415–426

Delin S., Strömberg N. 2011. Imaging-optode measurements of ammonium distribution in soil after different manure amendments. European Journal of Soil Science 62, 295–304.

Delin S., Engström L. 2010. Timing of organic fertiliser application to synchronise nitrogen supply with crop demand Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica. Section B, Soil and Plant Science vol. 60 78-88

Strömberg, N., Engelbrektsson, J. and Delin, S. A high throughput optical system for imaging optodes. Sensors and Actuators B 140, 418–425.

Delin, S., Nyberg, A., Lindén, B., Ferm, M., Torstensson, G.,  Lerenius C. and Gruvaeus, I. 2008. Impact of crop protection on nitrogen utilisation and losses in winter wheat production. European Journal of Agronomy 28, 361-370

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Research Group Leader at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil nutrient cycling
Telephone: +4651167235, +46761346358
Postal address:
Inst f mark och miljö, precisionsodling, Box 234
53223 SKARA
Visiting address: Gråbrödragatan 19, Skara