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Sofie Joosse

Sofie Joosse
I am interested in how people use, and relate to the environment, how they talk about and make sense of their relation to the environment and what this means for social change processes for sustainability.


I received my degree in Rural Sociology from the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, and my PhD in Human Geography from the University of Uppsala. Throughout the years I have worked as a lecturer and organizer of a variety of courses in Environmental Communication and Rural Development at SLU, and Human Geography at UU.

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Selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications

Rödl, M., Haider, J., & Joosse, S. (2023). The quest for “nature” in selfies: how platforms shape nature/society relationships. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Joosse, S., Westin, M., Möckel, F., Keasey, H., & Lorenzen, S. (2023). Storytelling to save the planet: who gets to say what is sustainable, who tells the stories, and who should listen and change?. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Fischer, A., Joosse, S., Strandell, J., Söderberg, N., Johansson, K., & Boonstra, W. J. (2023). How justice shapes transition governance–a discourse analysis of Swedish policy debates. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Haider, J., Rödl, M., & Joosse, S. (2022). Algorithmically embodied emissions: the environmental harm of everyday life information in digital culture. Information Research (CoLIS 11).

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Carlson, A. K., Boonstra, W. J., Joosse, S., Rubenstein, D. I., & Levin, S. A. (2022). More than ponds amid skyscrapers: Urban fisheries as multiscalar human–natural systems. Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, 25(1), 49-58.

Joosse, S., Hensle, L., Boonstra, W. J., Ponzelar, C., & Olsson, J. (2021). Fishing in the city for food—a paradigmatic case of sustainability in urban blue space. npj Urban Sustainability, 1(1), 41.

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Joosse, S., & Marshall, M. (2020). Fridge stories and other tales from the kitchen: a methodological toolbox for getting closer to everyday food practices. Food, Culture & Society, 23(5), 608-626.

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Joosse, S. (2007). Talking about cooperation: continuity and change in a rural community in Slovakia. Sociológia, 39(3), 245-258.

Book chapters

Joosse, S. (2010). Political Ecology as a Regional and Historical Approach Beyond Geographical Boundaries, but Back in Time. In: Eva Friman and G. Gallardo Fernandez Politicized Nature. CEFO publication series, Uppsala University

Bock, B., Derkzen P., Joosse, S. (2004) Livibility in Rural Policy: Women’s Business? A Comparative Study on Rural Policy in Two Dutch Provinces. Wageningen, Wageningen University Press.

Other publications

Boonstra, W. J., Boucquey, N., Carlson, A. K., Drakopulos, L., Fly, J., Joosse, S., ... & Wernersson, H. C. (2022). Urban fishing reveals underrepresented diversity. Nature Food, 3(5), 295-295.


Researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Environmental Communication
Telephone: +4618671965, +46720858158
Postal address:
Inst för stad och land, Box 7012
Visiting address: Ulls väg 27, Uppsala