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Srinivas Akula

Srinivas Akula
My name is Srinivas Akula completed PhD in Molecular Immunology at Uppsala University. I am a positive person with a broad interest in life science. I have a passion for teaching and exciting research concepts in Immunology.


1. Poster presentation on The mast cell chymase locus during 400 million years of tetrapod evolution at EMBRN conference in June 2019 

2. Oral presentation on Mast cells-bridging innate and adaptive immunity at MacNet meeting at Uppsala June 2018

3. Presented my research work at the Immunology seminar series at Uppsala University (2016 and 2018)


1. Lecturing in immunology topics to BSc, MSc students and postgraduates including B cells, T cells, MHC, Cytokines and granule protease evolution (2014 - 2018). 

2. Organising and  running lab-based ELISA courses for 40-75 students for a year including correcting pre-lab and full lab reports (2014- 2018)


The research focuses on the evolution and function of several hematopoietic cells cytoplasmic proteases and their surface-expressed receptors. During my PhD studies, I have been actively involved in laboratory management, laboratory work, student supervision, lecturing and laboratory teaching.

 The current research involves studying the mast cell and their proteases role in asthma in both Horse and Humans.


I received a post-doc grant from Ushare together with Associate Professor Sara Wernersson (SLU). This is a cooperation project between Uppsala University and SLU



I received my master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University in 2014 and stated doctoral studies in Prof. Lars Hellman group at the Department of Cell and Molecular biology, Uppsala University. I completed my PhD on 2019-06-05, after completing my PhD, I received a postdoctoral research position in the corresponding department for 7 months. 


Supervising 12 MSc students through their final degree projects and opponent for 6 master thesis projects (2014- 2018).

Selected publications

20  Author/co-authored peer-reviewed scientific articles. H-index 8, citations: (238 Google scholar 2021-02-26). 18 original articles, 1 review article and 1 book chapter


Researcher at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry (AFB); Division of Anatomy and Physiology
Telephone: +4618672183
Postal address:
Institutionen för anatomi, fysiologi och biokemi
Box 7023
Visiting address: VHC Huvudentré, Ulls väg 26, hus 5, plan 4, Uppsala

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