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Stanley Zira

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I am sustainability analyst interested in animal production systems. 


-Energy and life cycle assessment (TN0285) 
-Sustainable production systems on a global level (BI1396)
-Humans, Animals, Ecosystems – the One Health Approach in a Sustainable     Global Animal Production (HV0178)
-Designing breeding programs (HV0195) 


Developing methods to assessing environmental, economic and social sustainability in animal production systems.


  • PhD Animal Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.
  • Msc Organic Agriculture, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands.
  • Mcomm Strategic Management, Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe.
  • Bsc Livestock and Wildlife Management, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe
  • Certificate Veterinary Research Methods, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Certificate Pig and Poultry Production, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Working as a development worker in interdisciplinary work for the Government of Zimbabwe, CARE International in Zimbabwe, Land O Lakes Zimbabwe Inc and Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (SAFIRE) for a period of 10 years.
  • Convenor for Masvingo Agricultural Show Society Zimbabwe- Poultry Section for 3 years

Selected publications

Zira, S., Salomon, E., Åkerfeldt, M., Röös, E., 2023. Environmental consequences of pig production scenarios using biomass from rotational grass-clover leys as feed. Environmental Technology & Innovation, 30, 103068.

Zira, S., Röös, R., Rydhmer, L., Hoffmann, R., 2023. Sustainability assessment of economic, environmental and social impacts, feed-food competition and economic robustness of dairy and beef farming systems in South Western Europe. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 36, 438-449.

Zira, S., 2022.  Towards sustainable livestock systems: Developing and applying methods for broad sustainability assessment of pig and cattle systems Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. (2022:42)  (Doktorsavhandling)

Zira, S., Olsen, H.F., Rydhmer, L., 2022. Low carbon emissions in future pig production - does a new breeding goal matter? 12th World Conference on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Zira, S., Röös, E., Ivarsson, E., Friman, J., Møller, H., Samsonstuen, S., Olsen, H.F. and Rydhmer, L., 2022. An assessment of scenarios for future pig production using a One Health approach. Livestock Science, 260, 104929.

Zira, S., Rydhmer, L., Ivarsson, E., Hoffmann, R., Röös, E., 2021. A life cycle sustainability assessment of organic and conventional pork supply chains in Sweden. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 28, 21-38.

Zira, S., Röös, E., Ivarsson, E., Hoffmann, R., Rydhmer, L., 2020. Social life cycle assessment of Swedish organic and conventional pork production. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 25(10), 1957-1975.

Zira, S., Röös, E., Ivarsson, E., Rydhmer, L., 2018. Applied analytical hierarchical processing in a social sustainability study of pig farming in Sweden, 70th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP), Ghent, Belgium

Zira, S., 2018. Evaluation of environmental and economic impact of extending laying hen period in the Netherlands. Wageningen University, Msc Thesis, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Zira, S., 2018. Relationship of Buy Local Campaigns with Consumer Ethnocentrism and Brand Equity: The Case of the Fruit Trade in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. International Journal of Recent Research in Commerce Economics and Management (IJRRCEM) 5, (1), 44-48

Rodríguez, A.T., Álvarez, A.G., Mijatovic, D., Palikhey, E., Azhdari, G., Cazón, H.G., Wakkumbure, L.K, Salimi, M., Carmona, N.E., Shabong, R.M., Stapit, S., Maneerattanachaiyong, S., Zira, S., Hodgkin, T. 2016. Agrobiodiversity perspectives in land-use decisions, Eds: Maria, L., Ferguson, K. Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research (PAR), Rome, Italy.

Zira, S., Mumvumi, K., 2016. Assessing the effects of land-use change on agrobiodiversity. PAR, Rome, Italy.

Hodgkin, T., Zira, S., Farvar, T., Azhdari, G., Salimi, M., Mijatovic, D., 2016. Landscapes for agrobiodiversity: Documenting the livestock perspective. PAR, Rome, Italy.


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