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Sunera Zulficar Nurmomade

Sunera Zulficar Nurmomade
I am PhD student from a double degree programme. At SLU-Uppsala I am in Department of Molecular Sciences and at UEM-Maputo I am in Department of chemical engineering. My research is focused on development of complementary porridge for undernourished children in Mozambique based on pearl millet and cowpea after different processing methods. This work is supported by grants from the Swedish International Development Cooperation


I have been teaching at Pedagogical University in Mozambique since 2012 in subjects related to agronomy science


The prevalence of malnutrition in Mozambique is high. 43% of children under 5 years old are stunted, and 18% are underweight. Food and nutrition insecurity is one of the major problems in Mozambique. The major problem is in many low-income countries, like Mozambique, infant weaning foods are the same as food for adults, and are based on a local staple diet made from cereals or starchy roots and tubers. They are usually prepared as liquid porridge with low flour concentration, the thin porridge may be more easily consumed but their energy, nutrient content and density are low. Pearl millet is a drought-resistant crop, resilient to climate change effects and has high nutritional properties. Furthermore, due to its nutritional profile could be beneficial in helping to tackle the problems of malnutrition. Cowpea is one of the most important grain legumes grown in Mozambique. It can be a good source of low-cost protein and energy to incorporate into porridge to increase the protein content. This PdD project investigates the effect of soaking, germination and fermentation on physicochemical properties, microstructure, and pasting properties of raw material, flour from treated seeds as well as the composite porridges, intended for use in developing nutritional porridge for children in Mozambique.


I have a Bachelor's in Agronomy Science from UMBB-Nampula in Mozambique,  and a Master's in Food Technology from UEM-Maputo in Mozambique. I have worked as a lecturer since 2012 at UP- Cabo Delgado and organised study visits with students as part of extension work to develop student skills in working with communities on farming and share successful experiences.


I have been involved in some bachelors thesis supervision both in Mozambique at UP and Sweden at SLU


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Doctoral Student at the Department of Molecular Sciences; Vegetabiliska livsmedel
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