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Sylvain Monteux

My postdoc project lies at the interface of microbial, soil fauna and ecosystem ecology. More specifically I investigate the links between soil food webs - from bacteria to mesofauna - and biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen in tundra soils. Experiments within this project intend to pursue a better understanding of the mechanisms regulating CO2 release from warming Arctic tundra systems.


My research focuses on experimental approaches to investigate mechanisms regulating CO2 release from Arctic tundra soils in a warmer world. The Formas-funded project "Living soils in a future Arctic", led by Eva Krab, combines in vitro incubations of permafrost and topsoil - to explore the role of mesofauna in microbial community compositional changes and C-cycling - with soil transplants across an altitudinal gradient - to simulate warming and evaluate associations between soil food webs and C-cycling. Field work takes place in northernmost Sweden in the Abisko region while soils used in incubations were taken either in northern Sweden or northern Alaska.

In addition, I carry on analysis and publication of results obtained during my PhD on plant-soil-microbe interactions in permafrost-affected soils, and I am part of the Abisko LTER experiment.


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