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Thi Thanh Mai Ha

Mai Ha


I am a researcher at the Agricultural and Food Economics Research Group, the Department of Economics, the Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU). Before joining SLU, I was a lecturer at Vietnam National University of Agriculture.  I received my PhD in economics from Massey University, New Zealand in 2020. I am interested in research on consumer behaviour in healthy and sustainable food consumption and farmers' adoption of agricultural innovations. 


I have been an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK since 2019.

Course leader of NA0190: Applications of theory and method in agricultural economics



2023-2027: "Ethnic minorities’ intercropping adoption in coffee in Vietnam: social demand and farmers’ adoption decision", funded by FORMAS. Principal Investigator.

2021-2024: "Eating green or eating meat? Eating crickets or eating beef? Sustainable food consumption behavior in Vietnam and Switzerland", funded by the Vietnamese National Foundation for Science and Technology Development and Swiss National Science Foundation. Acting country lead for Vietnam.

2022-2024: "Enhancing ethnic minorities’ knowledge and practices in pesticide use for sustainable agriculture in Northern mountainous area of Vietnam", funded by the Irish Embassy. Cor-Investigator.

2020-2021: "Improving food security for ethnic minority households: Evidence from Son La province, Vietnam", funded by International Foundation of Science. Principal Investigator.

2020-2021: "Upland households’ decision making in climate change adaptation to enhance food security in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam", funded by Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research. Principal Investigator.

2019 -2020: "Food safety risk reduction strategies: evidence from self-provisioning of vegetables in urban cities of Vietnam", funded by International Foundation of Science. Collaborator.

2018-2019: "Consumer perception of food safety risk and its impact on the willingness to pay for organic food in Southeast Asia", Funded by Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research. Acting Principal Investigator.

Selected publications

Journal articles

1.  Soon-Sinclair, J.M., Ha, T.M., Limon, M.R., Vanany, I., Ongkunaruk, P., Voe, P., Boulom, S., Yang, F., Wahab, I.R.A., Hamdan, R.H. and Jamaludin, M.H., 2024. Consumers’ raw poultry washing practices: A cross-sectional and observational study in eight Southeast Asian countries. Food Control, 158, p.110253.

2.  Ha, T.M., Manevska-Tasevska, G., Jäck, O., Weih, M. and Hansson, H., 2023. Farmers’ intention towards intercropping adoption: the role of socioeconomic and behavioural drivers. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 21(1), p.2270222.

3.   Soon-Sinclair, J.M., Ha, T.M., Vanany, I., Limon, M.R., Sirichokchatchawan, W., Abdul Wahab, I.R., Hamdan, R.H. and Jamaludin, M.H., 2023. Consumers’ perceptions of food fraud in selected Southeast Asian countries: a cross sectional study. Food Security, pp.1-13.

4.  Markoni, E., Ha, T.M., Götze, F., Häberli, I., Ngo, M.H., Huwiler, R.M., Delley, M., Nguyen, A.D., Bui, T.L., Le, N.T. and Pham, B.D., 2023. Healthy or Environmentally Friendly? Meat Consumption Practices of Green Consumers in Vietnam and Switzerland. Sustainability, 15(15), p.11488.

5. Manevska-Tasevska, G., Duangbootsee, U., Bimbilovski, I., Thathong, P. and Ha, T.M., 2023. A systematic scoping review and content analysis of policy recommendations for climate-resilient agriculture. Climate Policy, pp.1-17.

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7. Ha, T. M., Shakur, S. & Pham Do, K.H. (2020). Risk perception and its impact on vegetable consumption: A case study from Hanoi, Vietnam. Journal of Cleaner Production, 271, 122793. 

8. Ha, T. M., Shakur, S. & Pham Do, K. H. (2020). Linkages among food safety risk perception, trust and information: Evidence from Hanoi consumers. Food control, 110, 106965. 

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11. Ha, T. M., Shakur, S. & Pham Do, K.H. (2020). Food risk in consumers' eye and their consumption responses: evidence from Hanoi survey. Journal of Asian Business and Economics Studies.  Doi: 10.1108/JABES-12-2019-0126

12. Nguyen, V. T., Ha, T. M, Boulom, S., Voe, P., Chauch, H., Chialue, L., & Ha, D. A. (2020). Consumer perception of food safety risk in South East Asia: A cross-country analysis. APN Science Bulletin, 10(1). Doi: 10.30852/sb.2020.1130



Researcher at the Department of Economics; Agricultural and Food Economics
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Visiting address: Ulls hus, Ulls väg 27, 756 51 Ultuna, Uppsala