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Todd Alsing Johansson

Todd Alsing Johansson
I'm a PhD student in veterinary nursing with focus on infection prevention and control. Main part of my teaching is in courses in infection prevention and control in the veterinary nursing program.


I'm a veterinarian since 2011 and have a master in infectious disease control since 2014. I have a big interest in infection prevention and control which is also my area of research and teaching. I'm a board member in Veterinär vårdhygienförening which arranges a yearly infection and prevention control conference.


I'm a course leader for a course in infection prevention at the veterinary nursing program. I teach veterinary nursing students and veterinary students in infectious prevention and control.


Bacterial contamination in animal hospital environment

Human health care-associated infections (HAI) cause patient morbidity, suffering and mortality. One risk factor for indirect transmission of HAI is pathogenic microorganisms on near-patient surfaces. In addition, the emergence of antibiotic resistance (AR) brings therapeutic limitations and untreatable HAI. Frequent use of antibiotics, as in hospitals, will increase the selection of AR bacteria. To hinder spread of HAI and AR clean hospitals, effective barriers as hand hygiene, and prudent use of antibiotics must be every-day practice.

To study the bacterial flora and to measure the amount of bacterial contamination gives a picture of the effects of the infection prevention and control measures at the animal hospital. This also gives information to start study what potential risks different parts of the animal hospital environment compose for spreading of infections. For potentially pathogen bacteria with well-known problems with AR it is relevant to track bacterial origin through whole genome sequencing. By using this method it is possible to study patterns of spreading bacteria e.g. if a specific clone is present in several places in an animal hospital.

The aim with the study is to quantify bacterial contamination in an operating room and an ultrasound room, at a small animal hospital, and to type chosen bacterial colonies and to sequence genes species of bacteria e.g. potential pathogen bacteria.  

 The project is financed by Stiftelsen Djursjukhus i Stor-Stockholm and Jan Skogsborgs stiftelse.


My PhD project about bacterial contamination in animal hospital environment i carried out in cooperation with AniCura Regiondjursjukhuset Bagarmossen.



Master program (60 credits) in Infectious Disease Control, Södertörns Högskola 2014

Veterinary program, SLU, 2011

Work experience

Lecturer in veterinary nursing, SLU 2015-

Veterinarian, at different small veterinary clinics 2012-2015

Amanuensis in anatomy, SLU 2009

Laboratory technician in parasitology, SLU 2006-2008


Doctoral Student, Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Division of Veterinary Nursing
Telephone: +4618671841
Postal address:
SLU, Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper
Box 7054
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala